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Phoenix Domain

Granted Power: All of your damaging spells or attacks deal +1d4 fire damage, and you gain Searing Spell as a bonus feat. This increases by +1d4 at 4th, 8th, and 12th, and 16th levels. At 20th level, you gain a permanent 5' radius aura of sun-fire that does 5d6 damage that cannot be reduced in any way to any enemy within its radius, as well as a permanent +5d6 bonus damage of the same type on all attacks or damaging spells. In addition, once per week, when you die, you may automatically revive 2 rounds later in a burst of fire, dealing 200 sun-fire damage to any enemy in a 20' radius.

Granted Spells
  1. Burning Hands
  2. Body of the Sun
  3. Flame Arrow
  4. Incendiary Surge
  5. Overland Flight
  6. Fires of Purity
  7. Phoenix Fire
  8. Incendiary Cloud
  9. Transcend Mortality