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    New comic.

    I agree with Morgan about the current state of things. Lets hope Grynn gives those guys a proper funreal pyre explosion.

    I really don't like what I can read of that letter. Sounds alot as if simply knowing or being related to someone is enough to be punished for their crimes unless you betray them. If you don't know anything about their crimes you are out of luck even if you are willing to turn traitor.
    Maybe Morgan can use that. But even if not I can't see these methods going well very long.

    Aunt Edith says:

    Just noticed the autor put up the letter in the comments. Yup, I was right. Way to extreme. Comunicating with a criminal means you can be punished for their crimes. Depending how strict they define this they can hang you or talking to some random bluehaired gal.
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