Snowbluff Domain
You get a bonus equal to your wisdom modifier on bluff checks.

1st: Chill Touch
2nd: Misdirection
3rd: Glibness
4th: Ice Storm
5th: Cone of Cold
6th: Freezing Sphere
7th: Control Weather
8th: Polar Ray
9th: Fimbulwinter

Tippy Domain
You can spontaneously cast domain spells just like cure or inflict spells.

1st: Charm Person
2nd: Alter Self
3rd: Fly
4th: Polymorph
5th: Planar Binding, Lesser
6th: Planar Binding
7th: Limited Wish
8th: Teleportation Circle
9th: Wish

VirusInk Domain
You get a yandere companion, much like the animal companion of a druid of half your level but the companion is an elite-array human which starts with a single human hit die.

1st: Charm Person
2nd: Unnatural Lust
3rd: Sepia Snake Sigil
4th: Contagion
5th: Symbol of Sleep
6th: Symbol of Persuasion
7th: Grasping Hand
8th: Symbol of Insanity
9th: Teleportation Circle