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You may consider my permission to be permanently given.
Clone Domain (kellbyb)

Granted Power: Disguise is a cleric class skill for you, you can ignore up to -2 to your disguise checks from disguising yourself as a different gender, race, or age category, and you gain the Assume Quirk skill trick (Complete Scoundrel) even if you do not meet its prerequisites, it does not count against your maximum number of skill tricks known.

Domain Spells:
  1. Disguise Self
  2. Reflective DisguiseSpC
  3. Duplicative Polymorph (see below)
  4. Create FetchCSc
  5. Shadow Evocation
  6. Reflective Disguise, MassSpC
  7. Clone
  8. Simulacrum (if banned increase Clone to 8th and add Greater Shadow Conjuration for 7th)
  9. Ice Assassin (if banned Shapechange if that is banned Shades)

Spoiler: Duplicative Polymorph
Duplicative Polymorph:
Level: Clone 3
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: 1 minute/level (D)

This spell functions as Polymorph except the assumed form may have no more than 10 HD or your CL whichever is lower and you must touch the creature whose form you seek to assume.

Clone Devotion:
You really like imitating others.
Prerequisites: Disguise 5 ranks, Perform (Act) 3 ranks.
Benefit: 1/day you may mimic the action of another creature within 30 ft that was taken since the end of your last turn. You take that action immediately as if you were the original user using the other creature's stats for all purposes. If that action had an XP cost you must still pay it and you must provide any expensive material components. You may choose new targets for the action and a new location. This takes the same action as the action being mimicked. If the mimicked action had a duration of longer than 1 minute per character level you possess, other than Permanent, your copy of it has a duration of 1 minute per character level.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times each time you do you gain 1 extra daily use of it.
Special: If you have the ability to Turn or Rebuke Undead you may spend 3 turn attempts to gain an extra daily use of this feat.