Alternative Jormengand Devotion, inspired by his class in 30 minutes project:

Jormengand Devotion
You posses the ability to craft entirely new spells in an incredibly short time.
Prerequisite: ability to cast spells.
Benefit: Once per day, you can research an entirely new spell in the space of thirty minutes, and immediately add it to your spell list. This spell must be roughly in line with the type of spells on your class spell list, and like all new spells must be approved by the DM. If you prepare spells, you may expend one spell of an equal or greater level than the new spell to immediately prepare the new spell. If you have a limited number of spells known or a fixed set of spells known, you must lose knowledge of one spell of an equal level to the new spell to use this feat.
Special: If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you gain one additional daily use of this feat for each four daily turn or rebuke uses you expend.

...Probably broken.