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The main topic is matching cheese with wine.
Fine Dining Domain

Granted Power: You gain a bonus skill rank each level that must be put into Profession (Chef).

Domain Spells:
  1. Create Wine (see below)
  2. Better Berry (see below)
  3. Create Food and Water
  4. Create Good Food and Water (see below)
  5. Illusory FeastSpC
  6. Heroes' Feast
  7. Mordenkainen's (Mage's) Magnificent Mansion
  8. Bite of the KingSpC
  9. Feast of ChampionsECS

Create Wine: Functions as Create Water but creates wine that would cost about 10 GP/2 Gallons.

Better Berry: As goodberry but creates 1 berry +1 berry/3 CL and each berry heals 5 HP.

Create Good Food and Water: As Create Food and Water but creates higher quality food and actual beverages, you may make a Profession (Chef) check to determine quality.

Fine Dining Devotion:
Prerequisites: Profession (Chef) 5
Benefit: Once per day you may prepare a fine meal taking 1 hour. When you perform this ceremony choose mind, body, or spirit. Up to 2 participants plus 1 per 2 ranks in Profession (Chef) which partake of the meal gain a benefit based upon your choice (you may be one of these participants) for 8 hours: +1 morale bonus to Will saves; +1 morale bonus to Fortitude saves; +1 morale bonus to Reflex saves; +1 untyped bonus to any check, roll, or value they receive a bonus from Aid Another on.