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Your end will come from a thousand thousand tiny furry bucktoothed terrors.
I didn't want to do this yet...
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from the selfish one
harem domain(khadgar567)

No, no, no, you're supposed to let someone else make a Domain of You, not make yourself as a Domain. Besides that Granted Power is broken in so many ways. You don't need a second one when your first one equates to a 75% increase to character power, and you don't need any granted power that is a slightly improved version of a feat that literally grants you a second character. And the devotion feat runs into that problem and the additional problem that it mechanistically requires cleric levels where devotion feats as designed are there to allow you to play a devout non-cleric with additional bonuses if you are a cleric (except Knowledge Devotion, it doesn't get those bonuses for clerics for some reason).


M(aid) C(aptain) Domain (khadgar567)
Granted Power: Your Charm and Compulsion spells are not blocked by Protection from Evil or other effects which replicate it (including Magic Circle against Evil). 1/day you can use Unseen Servant as a spell-like ability (CL = Cleric level).

Domain Spells:
  1. Charm Person
    Servant HordeSpC
    Charm Person, MassRoD
    Dominate Person
    Simulacrum (if banned TransfixSpC)
    True DominationSpC
    Programmed AmnesiaSpC

M.C. Devotion:
You are devoted to your desire to have maids. Very devoted indeed.
Benefit: Any creature that accepts its place as your loyal servant, such as followers or loyal henchmen, or any creature that you summon or control completely through a compulsion effect gains a +1 perfection bonus to Wisdom based skill checks, and Will saves. 1/day as a swift action you may further empower all such creatures within 60 ft of you granting them a +1 + 1/5 levels perfection bonus to one of attack rolls, AC, or all skill checks for 1 minute.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times each time you do you gain an extra daily use of its limited use ability.
Special: If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead, you may gain one daily additional use of the daily ability for every three turn or rebuke attempts you expend.

The granted power is big, especially from a world building point of view in that Prot from Evil is no longer Prot from Mind Control. Personal power wise it's not necessarily the biggest (a DM can still find ways to protect key NPCs) but it comes with a list that actually expands a cleric's possibilities by granting those now much improved Charm and Dominate spells so that swings it heavily in the strong direction before the fact that it gets Person and not Monster only... Still the spells are fairly powerful and coupled with Domination domain you've got something terrifying. Spells wise you get charm and compulsion, good against people, not good against bugs. Still you're a cleric you can handle some mindless threats.

The devotion feat let's you play the leader in a way, though the compulsion part gives it some hints towards evil. It isn't the biggest static bonus and it's AC bonus is smaller than Protection but it makes up for it in the versatility, Prot is always AC, this is better if you sometimes want Attack rolls (which it is just plain good for) or maybe you have a real need for a skill buff some time. Let's you be some sort of creepy maid dude without being a cleric, and given Leadership's tendency to be hard banned Leadership + at Lv 1 is probably not a good design in general.