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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Domains And Domain Feats

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    Domains & Devotions
    Wyrd (Jormengand)
    Eggynack (Eggynack)
    Jormengand (Jormengand)
    Loyalty (LoyalPaladin)
    Revelry (Socratov)
    Harem (Khadgar567)
    Bardic (Illyahr)
    Yandere (Snowbluff)
    Undying (IZ42)
    Homebrew (Zaydos)
    Overlord (Red Fel)
    Persuasion (Red Fel)
    Robot (UnseenMage)
    Draconium (Draconium)
    Xaos (NeoPhoenix0)
    Deathlord (Segev)
    Raptor (Blackhawk748)
    Senshi (Marlowe)
    Beyond (Xuldarinar)
    Kawaii (VirusInk)
    Phoenix (NeoPhoenix0)
    Janitor (Lug the Orc)
    Snowbluff (Snowbluff)
    Tippy (Emperor Tippy)
    VirusInk (VirusInk)
    Clone (Kellbyb)
    Tippyverse (Emperor Tippy)
    Aberrant (Eldan)
    Marlowe (Marlowe)
    Protected (VirusInk)
    Jormengand (Jormengand)
    Fine Dining (NeoPhoenix0)
    Death Knight (Extra Anchovies)
    Judge (Temotei)
    Mythozoology (Debihuman)
    M(aid) C(aptain) (Khadgar567)
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