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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Domains And Domain Feats

    Comavision (domain)

    Granted power. Once per week, you may over the course of a trance or sleep, cast omen of peril about one event during the next day. At level 5, this becomes Augury, at level 9 this becomes divination. These are treated as spell like abilities.

    1 Sleep
    2 Whelming blast
    3 Deep-slumber
    4 Mass Whelm
    5 Nightmare
    6 Overwhelm
    7 Ethereal projection
    8 Hindsight
    9 Astral projection

    Comavision devotion

    Granted Once per day, as a swift action you may attempt to put yourself and one enemy to sleep. You must both make will saves, the DC is 10+1/2 Cleric level+Charisma mod. If either of you succeed, you both stay awake. (Like always, you may forfeit your save.)
    Bonus By expending two turn attempts, you may expend another use of this devotion power.

    (Side note. Comavision's permission links to Vaz's.)
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