Spoiler: Yelizaveta 'Liza' Durnovo

Spoiler: Backstory

The Durnovo family were a notorious group of 'nobles' (read: Leaders of a group of heavily armed thugs) who had carved out a nice little fiefdom of their own outside The Core's control. Life under their control was... unpleasant. Not just for their 'citizens' (read: The people who had to pay their 'taxes' to avoid suffering 'mysterious' 'disappearances'), but for everyone they could get their hands on.

Yelizaveta, despite being a family member herself, was hardly immune to their depredations. Her mother, Natalia, died while she was six years old. Her father, Daniil, had barely confirmed Natalia had stopped moving by the time he started insisting (somewhat drunkenly... and violently) that Yelizaveta took her place.

It's probably best not to dwell too deeply about what she spent the next few years doing at home.

Still, she matured into a beautiful young woman, skilled (though mostly self-trained) in domestic tasks, blessed with the generous curves her father appreciated so, and possessed of a boundless reserve of (fake) optimism to cover just how much she wished she had any life but the one she'd found herself in.

Reading was one of the few things she was allowed to do with what little off time she was actually given. There weren't many books available, but there were a few - technical manuals, trade magazines, just the random things that no-one would think to save when the Durnovos came calling. Yelizaveta found herself slowly called towards a handful of books on architecture.

Her father spent the first few years trying to confiscate the books, magazines, and drawings as and when he could find them. But a few years in, the family wanted to raise a monument to one of their best raids yet. And wouldn't you know it, Yelizaveta just happened to have a couple of crude architectural drawings of something that just might fit...

From then on, the demand for her designs each time one of the family had some vanity project to build meant that she was free(ish) to practice her art. It didn't make up for her home life, but at least it was something.

Then 'beloved' Daniil lead a raid into The Core's territory. And never came back.

Fearful of some of the looks her uncles had been throwing her way, Yelizaveta quickly volunteered to go undercover to find her father. It wasn't hard, admittedly. People were only too glad to tell her tales of The Core's victory over the Durnovo raiders, and the final fate of the survivors - sent to The Hole for incarceration. Plus, she found a really easy way to get there herself - the moment she told someone her real surname, they had her arrested and sent to the Hole as well.

Thankfully she'd committed no crimes (beyond having a hated surname), so her stay as a prisoner was mercifully brief. Word came down that she was free to go, and the Master prepared to turn her free. But Yelizaveta had a better idea...

The maid's uniform, she thought, would take some getting used to. But it was worth it. The terms weren't bad - if she'd read the contract correctly, she'd even have enough time to build a proper career in architecture, although it would be necessary to conceal her real name while doing so... Plus, the master had promised her a favour for her service - the most valuable one anyone could have ever offered her. Even as she tried the uniform on for the first time (too snug around the rear, as such things always were...), her father was being lead from his cell. And down into the High Security wing. So long as she served, he'd remain confined amongst the monsters, never again to see the light of day...

...And for the first time since she was 6, Yelizaveta genuinely smiled.

Spoiler: Stats

Sexy Heroine (+Cunning, +Will, -Will, -Luck)

Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 2
Cunning: 4
Luck: 1
Will: 2

Brown Uniform
Red Eyes
Vermillion Hair

Quality 1: Secret Job! (Pro Creator - Architect). While she's not great at creating things with her hands (nor terrible, just kinda average), she's a straight up genius when it comes to technical plans, whether for buildings or devices. But buildings are the ones she makes her second job designing... the rest is just a hobby.
Quality 2: Trauma! (Abusive Parents - Dead Mother, Abusive Father)

Maid Roots: Returning a Favor (Keeping her Father confined in the High Security section of the Hole)
Stress Explosion: Sleep
Maid Weapon: Knife/Scalpel

Maid Power: Punishment

Trauma: Social Stigma (She's from a notorious non-Core Bandit tribe. Most people would be able to recognise this from her surname.)
(Optional) Physical Complex: Big Butt (She's got very attractive curves, but the attention they drew as they developed have left her convinced she'd be better off without them. Thank the bandit tribe for that one.)
(Optional) Mental Complex: Forgetful

Favor: 4
Spirit: 20