Spoiler: Mariemaia Lugria
Spoiler: Description

Mariemaia is friendly and helpful, though careful to maintain an air of mystery about her and can come across as graceful and regal even. She obediently completes her duties without complaint and is quick to show appreciation to her second cousin, Tsubasa, for so readily taking her in. While she doesn't talk about it, it's clear from what little the others can infer that her mother passed away when she was little and that at present her family is going through extreme infighting and similar unpleasantness, hence her coming to serve the Master unless and until the whole thing blows over. She sunburns and tans VERY easily much to her displeasure, and can usually only be dragged outside with full protection against the sun. She frequently volunteers for kitchen work and would be considered a good cook if not for her habit of overcooking the food she makes. Still, that and the fact she has the strength of a wet noodle, are scarcely enough to make anyone resent her, and in fact, the one thing that does tend to annoy others is her habit of disappearing at times when not actively tasked with work. Where she goes and what she does no one knows, and she refuses to share any details of it. One other obvious thing is her strong, clear dislike of men. While she again refuses to explain her attitude, she flat out refuses to interact with them if at all possible and refuses to the point of losing her cool to be alone with them at any point.

The truth is that behind the mask of innocent beauty, Mariemaia is a deeply troubled and disturbed young woman due to the traumatic events in her life leading up to now. She was the granddaughter of the head of the Lugria family in Casimir, a Core-aligned island state famous for its immensely valuable mines within the island's long-extinct volcano. The Lugrias maintained a monopoly of said mines and, in turn, were the de facto rulers of the island. Her mother, a Japanese native who met her father while visting the island and had never left, died when Mariemaia was only very young. When her grandfather died a year later, her father, long his right-hand man, succeeded him as head of the family and leader of Casimir despite her aunt's attempts to rally the family into voting for her instead, a move which left her plotting and scheming against him afterwards. Unfortunately for Mariamaia, this new crushing responsibility for her father, on the heels of having lost her mother only a year earlier, left her more or less alone and in the care of family servants as her father buried himself in work both to attack the corruption that had crept into Casimir's commercial sector as well as avoiding his grief over his wife's death, which unfortunately included Mariamaia as well.

Alone and isolated (thanks to her father's strict instructions to her mentors and nannies to keep her out of the general public and the slowly growing faction of the family that had aligned against him), Mariemaia did her best to internalize her unhappiness and distress, but eventually it began to take its toll psychologically, and she began to act out. The first neurosis to develop was an unhealthy fascination with fire, and soon enough the servants learned to keep a close eye on her and a nearby extinguisher whenever there was a lit fireplace or other source of flames around. This by itself did not prove enough to satisfy her, and it was only when one of her older cousins took her on a high-speed joyride in her sports car that Mariamaia learned of a new passion. Soon enough, she'd managed to arrange for driving lessons, and within a few months, she had acquired the first of several fast-moving vehicles for her personal enjoyment. She also became more adept at slipping away from her minders, especially once she realized her father no longer even bothered pretending to pay attention to her actions at all. With a disguise and a fake name, she entered into the island's underground street racing scene. She was quite good at it and even managed to win the occasional race, helped along by a magical gift of foresight from her mother that, among other things, occasionally let her sense future events before they happened (a useful skill when moving at recklessly unsafe speeds through city streets).

Of course, even if her father did nothing about it, her illicit activities nevertheless eventually made their way to the ears of her aunt. Still scheming for a way to claim the position of head of the family for herself, she knew at once this could be the means to dethrone Mariamaia's father and began making her plans. A few weeks later, Mariemaia "accidentally" met a young, attractive, newcomer racer to the island, a male foreigner both cool and mysterious and who just happened to share all the same interests as she did (after careful coaching, of course). Mariemaia fell headlong into the trap, and within a month the two were lovers. It wasn't long afterwards that he slipped her a potent drug that would make her more... "open" to suggestion, before inviting a few of his "friends" over along with a carefully hidden video camera. What followed would prove both horrifyingly traumatic for her once the drug wore off hours later and devastating to her father once he was shown it. Already stressed from the grinding responsibilities of his job, when Mariamaia's aunt suddenly appeared with a mountain of evidence over her continued misdeeds with the illegal racing and culminating with the videotaped debauchery, it was enough to cause him to suffer a heart attack. With his sudden medical condition and the evidence of Mariemaia's actions, she was able to convince the morally conservative portion of the family to give her the slender majority of votes to take over. Unfortunately, when her first action was to allow the greedy multinational corporations Mariamaia's father had spent the past decade forcing out of Casimir to improve conditions for the lower classes back onto the island, what followed was a popular revolt against her, supported by angered members of the family enraged over her manipulations to steal the head position for herself.

In the midst of the rapidly spreading unrest which was moving towards full blown civil war, Mariemaia had sequestered herself away from everyone including her family's servants. Disgusted at what had happened to her and ashamed that she would be used as the tool to topple her father, she was suddenly without warning summoned to the small, private hospital where her father was recovering under heavy protection from friendly family supporters. The meeting was tense and highly emotional, but not the disapproving lecture she'd been expecting. Instead, as she tried to apologize to her father for disappointing him and causing all that happened, she was surprised when HE apologized to her, blaming himself for never being there for her and that she wasn't responsible for what he knew to be a nonconsensual act in the video. He then further explained that he was far from finished and would deal with his traitorous sister, but that in the meantime, he needed her to leave the island until it was pacified and safe once again. Luckily, there happened to be a place for Mariemaia to go. The daughter of her mother's cousin, Matsubisha Tsubasa, agreed to take Mariemaia in despite having never met her, and soon Mariemaia was on her way from the home she'd always known to the complete unknown.

Spoiler: Stats
Maid Type: Pure Lolita (Luck +1, Affection +1, Athletics -1, Cunning -1)

Athletics: 0
Affection: 3
Skill: 3
Cunning: 1
Luck: 3
Will: 3

Uniform Color: Silver
Eye Color: Beige
Hair Color: Red

Special Quality 1: Fortuneteller. Within certain limits, you have the ability to predict the future. There are countless methods of divination.
Special Quality 2: Pyromaniac. You love setting fires. You might even set first to the mansion.
Maid Roots: Distant Relative. Although you are only distantly related to the master, your parents have put you in her care.
Stress Explosion: Racing. You get into whatever car or vehicle is handy and go for a drive at at least twice the legal speeding limit.
Maid Weapon: Stun gun. You keep a stun gun ready to attack enemies.
Trauma: You destroyed your homeland.
(Possible) Physical Complex: Tanned Skin. Your pale skin becomes very easily tanned from the sun, like some kind of carouser, and you can't stand it. (Men and women who work in host/hostess clubs, and playboys/playgirls often have dark tans)
(Possible) Mental Complex: Attention from the Opposite Sex. You have a fear of being looked at by the opposite sex, and often wind up being rude because of it.

Favor: 6
Spirit: 30

Maid Power: Stalking. When you're following someone, there's no chance for them to detect you. Don't even bother rolling dice.