Spoiler: Actual Character
Name:Arya Proastov
Height: 42 kg
Weight: 154 cm
Age: 22

Maid Type: Pure Lolita (+1 Luck, +1 Affection, -1 Athletics, -1 Cunning)

Athletics: 0
Affection: 3
Skill: 2
Cunning: 0
Luck: 2
Will: 3

Uniform Color: Navy
Eye Color: Beige
Hair Color: Gray

Special Quality 1: Albino. You have no pigment. You're not necessarily completely colorless, this could simply be a very pale complexion.
Special Quality 2: Greedy. You will do absolutely anything for the sake of money.
Maid Roots: Admirer of Maids. You have long admired maids, and through much hard work you've finally become one yourself.
Stress Explosion: Prayer. You escape through religion, relentlessly praying to heaven for protection.
Maid Weapon: Chainsaw. Never mind how loud it is, you fight with a chainsaw!
Trauma: Horrible accident (car, fall etc)
Physical Complex: Flat chested. No matter how old you get, your chest refuses to grow. You feel humiliated every time you take a bath and such.

Favor: 6
Spirit: 30

Maid Power: Persistence. Whenever you take Stress, automatically reduce the amount by 1 point.
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