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    Troubadour Domain (Illyahr)

    Granted Power: You add Perform to your cleric class skill list. You gain a +4 sacred (if your deity is good or neutral) or profane (if your deity is evil) bonus to Perform checks.

    Domain Spells:
    1. Endure Elements
    2. Friendly Traveler (see below)
    3. Battle HymnSpC
    4. Psalm of Power (see below)
    5. Song of Discord
    6. Heroesí Feast
    7. DirgeSpC
    8. Charm Monster, Mass
    9. Song of the Banshee (see below)

    Spoiler: Friendly Traveler
    Friendly Traveler
    Illusion (Glamer)
    Level: Bard 2, Troubadour 2
    Components: V, S,
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
    You subtly change your appearance so that it seems warmly open and friendly to the viewer. You gain a +5 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks made to influence or gain information from creatures with Intelligence scores of 3 or higher, as long as those creatures aren't already hostile toward you (as with the Friendly Face spell). In addition you may make rushed diplomacy checks against such creatures at no penalty and may make Gather Information checks by spending merely 1d6 x 10 minutes instead of 1d4+1 hours.

    This spell does not alter your appearance in any significant way, and thus provides no bonus on Disguise checks.

    Spoiler: Psalm of Power
    Psalm of Power
    Evocation [Good, Sonic]
    Level: Troubadour 5,
    Components: V, S,
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: 50 ft.
    Area: 50-ft.-radius emanation centered on you
    Duration: 1 round/level (D)
    Saving Throw: Will negates
    Spell Resistance: Yes
    You begin a song of praise, a religious psalm to your god and its divine allies.
    You can strike up a rousing, inspirational song that temporarily boosts by 2 the effective caster level of each divine spellcaster whose alignment matches your godís within range, and by 1 each divine spellcaster who is within 1 step of you godís alignment (matches in 1 axis does not oppose in the other). This increase does not grant access to additional spells, but it does improve all spell effects that are dependent on caster level. In addition within the spell's area, each character whose alignment matches your godís gains a +4 sacred bonus on Charisma checks to turn undead and a +4 profane bonus on Charisma checks to rebuke undead, and those who are within 1 step of your godís alignment gain a +2 on such checks.

    Spoiler: Song of the Banshee
    Song of the Banshee
    Necromancy [Death]
    Level: Troubadour 9
    Components: V, DF
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: 30 ft.
    Target: 1 living creature/round
    Duration: Concentration up to 1 minute/caster level
    Saving Throw: Fort partial
    Spell Resistance: Yes
    You begin to sing a melancholy song that is of an unsurpassed and haunting beauty, a beauty which speaks not to the mind but the heart itself, a beauty that stops the heart cold
    While this spell is active, each round you may choose a creature to sing to. That creature must make a Fortitude save or die, even if they should successfully save they suffer a negative level and 3d6 damage. You may target the same creature on multiple rounds if it does not die, however you only check a creatureís Spell Resistance once, if it successfully blocks this spell that casting of this spell can do nothing more to that creature.

    Troubadour Devotion:
    You are devoted to the life of the traveling minstrel, friend to all and perfect traveling companion whose songs of joy uplift the soul on long journeys.
    Prerequisites: Perform (any) 5 ranks.
    Benefit: You may make a Diplomacy or Perform check (DC 15) to beseech food and lodging from any who have it to offer, gaining a meal and place to stay for free with nothing more than a song and a request, this DC increases by 2 for each additional creature up to your Charisma modifier you request such for; this is a supernatural mind-affecting effect. In addition you may play a traveling song when hustling or forced marching which causes time spent doing either to be considered to be halved for the purposes of the limits on such travel; you could hustle for 2 hours before taking damage and only take damage per 2 hours thereafter, and you could force march for 2 hours beyond the regular 8 before first making your save and the save would increase every 2 additional hours instead of 1.
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