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    It's finally become time for me to start painting my Tau, but I can't bring myself to choose a color scheme. I know how I don't want to pain them, but I have no idea how I actually do want them to look. I don't want to paint them in either of the two default schemes, red, or light green. Can anyone offer up some suggestions to help?
    SCIENCE! Established in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton. Based on the visible light spectrum and how primary colours work.

    Step 1. Pick your favourite colour.
    Step 2. For a two-colour scheme, pick the complementary colour and/or the two colours on either side of the comp. colour. e.g; The opposite colour to red, is green.
    Step 3. Wrong. 3-colour minimums are things that exist. You really want to be shooting for three colours. So you really want a triad scheme, so you pick the two colours equi-distant from your main colur, and each other. e.g; Blue, red and yellow.

    Spoiler: Colour Wheel, son!

    In addition;
    White, black and grey go with anything. Metal counts, too. So, if one your colours is metal (e.g; Necrons and Grey Knights), you can pretty much pick any two complementary colours you want.
    Gold, copper, bronze, etc. counts as yellow.

    Check this **** out, yo!


    Blue is the main colour, accented by red and yellow (a triad scheme). The eye lenses on the red helmet are green. SCIENCE. It's like the cover is like, purposefully designed to look good, or something. Whereas if you look at regular blue-helmeted Ultramarines, their eye lenses are red.


    Main colour red, accented by yellow and blue - another triad. SCIENCE.

    Also keep in mind the colour that you want your base to be. Red models (e.g; Blood Angels) look great on grass bases. Of course, anything looks good on a volcanic/ash base, 'cause everything goes with black. True story. That's not something the fashion industry made up - it's SCIENCE.

    See Also; Why is everything orange and teal? SCIENCE!

    From the OP;

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    I can't paint.
    The most important tool this author has is a $5 Colour Wheel.
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