Honoria du Lac

Maid Type: Cool, Boyish

Athletics: 3
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 3
Luck: 1
Will: 3

Uniform: Gold
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Navy

Special Quality: Membership; Knights Templar (see background)
Injury: Bandages. You wear many Bandages and casts, concealing wounds that will not heal.

Maid Root: Who knows? You're not really sure how you wound up becoming a maid.
Stress Explosion: Violence. You unleash violence on the other Maids and the Master.
Maid weapon: Claws.
Trauma: You're wanted by the police.
Physical Complex: Short. As far as your concerned, you're not nearly tall enough. You have difficulty reaching high places.

Favor: 2
Spirit: 30

Maid Power: Trap. Even if you aren't there at the time, you can have a trap prepared in advance during a battle.

Honoria du Lac, of the Line of the Lance, one of the youngest to ever ascend to the Round Table of the Knights Templar, who shared the blood of Gallahad Grail-Finder, wakes up in the morning and wonders how the hell she got here.

Being a maid was never part of the plan of her life. She had had maids, had been served by maids. To fall from the lofty chair of the Siege Perilous to this was...demeaning.

Born in France, Honoria was a member of a family who traced their lineage back to Lancelot himself -some say through Guinevere, others through Nimue. Whatever the case, Honoria was raised to expect greatness. Her family were ancient brothers of the Knights Templar, and she joined their ranks herself.

The purpose of the Templars in this modern, apocalyptic world was simple: find the Holy Grail. Using the Waters of Avalon would, no doubt, heal this blasted world. So began the Secret Crusade, as each member of the Round Table (the innermost order of the Templars) used their resources to hunt it down, seize honor and glory for themselves in the process...and the position of Savior of the World.

Unfortunately for her, Honoria won.

Using her families contacts, she tracked suspicious rumors to an abandoned temple in an overgrown forest. Within sat a cup, golden and pristine, and overflowing with silver water. Without thinking, she drained it one gulp.

When she came too, she was covered in wounds, Nd only then realized the error of her choice.

This was the temple of the Fisher King. The Fisher King had always been tied to the prosperity of the land...and now, so too was Honoria. In a ravaged and battered world, her own body was ravaged, covered in wounds that bled and would not heal. Whether the Grail had been real and found her unworthy, or a trap set by an angler was inconsequential: she was the new Fisher King.

Honorias immediate reaction was to exploit her new status. She was covered in bleeding wounds, and still alive; she may very well have been imortal! So, who could stop her from doing whatever she wanted?

The law, seemingly. She doesn't like to talk about it, but apparently one thing led to another, which led to substantial criminal charges and police pursuit.

Chased on all sides, now cursed, Honoria began to stumble through life, looking for some direction while trying to evade capture (or worse). Somehow, she ended up a maid in the Hole, almost entirely by accident. Still, it has it's advantages; why look in a prison for a fugitive after all?

Proud, competitive and with a willfull streak, Honoria dislikes being told what to do. She has something of a temper, which she barely keeps restrained. At the same time, she is more cunning than one might expect; you didn't rise through an "honorable" society like the Knights Templar without being prepared to lie, cheat and steal.

On the other hand, she isn't as smart as she thinks, and far from personable. She has a Napoleon complex, about her height, her abilities, her lineage...everything. Then again, she is a descendant of Lancelot, and a member of the Knight Templars (even if she can't admit it). Her's has been the blood of royalty, heroes and more. Why shouldn't she be running things rather than one of these commoners?!

Though the Master is okay. She guesses.
Not that she likes her or anything.

I figured someone with a physical complex very being short fit the tsundere-type pretty well. Looking forward to starting!