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    Default Re: Dread Spells of Maerok

    Quote Originally Posted by Fax_Celestis View Post
    Are Resurrection spells Necromancy now as well?

    What happens to spells above L5 with Darken Caster, considering there are no greater inflicts than Critical?

    10% on Death to the Summons is kinda slim. What about 10% + 2% per CL?

    How does Blacksand Decay interact with resurrection spells?

    What happens if Open the Scars kills someone?
    Yes, very much so.

    I've implemented higher levels of cure/inflict spells, lazy Wizards.

    I agree.

    Nope, I based it off destruction. It leaves the soul but the body generally has a bad day.

    They die . They either walk it off, get staggered from blood loss, or hit the floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fax_Celestis View Post
    More questions:

    Does Good Plan, Bad Execution prevent divine casters from casting spells according to their alignment since they're now from opposing alignments?

    Draw Blood should be Close.

    Brand of evil should be L2 and permanent.

    Does Betrayal of the Soul copy equipment as well?
    No. There is no change, it's just sort of a sudden slip up in one's decision making. Sort of like if you suddenly do something out of the ordinary but there's no real reason why.



    Yes. Only magical items, copying the 'soul' of their magical properties into the ghost soul.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krimm_Blackleaf View Post
    What exactly is the point of Reverse Magic Jar?
    It's an awesome disguise. Switch your soul with the king's and let him talk to the perpetrator you had been working with (but decided to frame) for himself.

    A caster can allow another to use their body, such as for making skill checks when locked in a cell. They can have the party rogue take over their body in order to open a lock, for instance.

    Switching between different types of casters. "Surprise! I'm the Evoker in the Necromancer's body!"
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