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    Default Re: Erfworld Thread VI: +10 vs Fat Guys From Ohio

    In book 2, Wanda mentioned to Jillian that their fates were tied together. Now, while Wanda is no predictamancer, I felt that this comment had the ring of truth to it and now I believe that I have uncovered exactly the secret behind that truth.

    Gather one and all, for I have finally figured out the fates of Wanda and Jillian. Looking over the evidence, I feel confident that I now know how they are tied together and what that means for their character arcs. Wanda's in particular. This isn't random speculation, but a solid theory that makes sense of the various hints that have been dropped until now. If you don't want to know, don't read!

    Spoiler: Wanda & Jillian's fates. Major plot point possibly revealed!

    Okay, first lets go over the various fates of these two characters that we know of.

    1. To rule Faq again after it was destroyed.
    2. To kill the queen of Haffinton

    Jillan has accomplished both fates but still seems to be living a charmed life. The fact that Stanley missed shooting her and surviving a big fall says so. Plus, she is a total Mary Sue. :P This implies that she has yet another Fate that hasn't been revealed to the audience yet. A fate tied, as was said, with Wanda's own? I say yes.

    I have also wondered what sort of contract Charlie would have with "another party" that made sure he did what he could to stop Parson from croaking her off. Turns out, if I am right, this was a really important moment, because he wasn't just blowing smoke with that answer, it was the literal truth.

    1. To go to Haffinton.
    2. To die from the flowers.
    3. To gain an arkentool.

    Now, we know that Wanda had the fate of dying from the flower addition because nothing could save her from it. Nothing... but carnymancy. However, when that magic saves you from your fate, what it really does is replace that death fate with a different one. It also influences the person's brain so they start acting differently. Scarlet (Sylvia) was a prime example of this. Her fate was changed from dying from fire to committing suicide, which caused her to become more and more reckless until she died, from fire.

    Charlie could also be said to have been altered by carnymancy. When he first got the Dish, he became very peaceful, which caused his daughter to kill him. However, after, he changed his fate from dying from the flowers, to dying from a perfect warlord. Over the turns since that time, actions became more and more mercenary and aggressive. This grew until the point where the entire thinkamancer collective, the one organization reliably capable of casting a spell to summon a perfect warlord, was sufficiently troubled to do so. All of Charlies' efforts for safety have, in fact, doomed him to causing the one man capable of killing him to be summoned, and then making that Perfect Warlord WANT to do so.

    How does all this relate to Wanda and Jillian? Think about it.

    Wanda was saved by Jillian, someone that loved her and she loved in return.

    Wanda's actions then caused her to be the cause of Faq falling. Jillian doesn't know this, but she will, how will Jillian react to that? Jillian DOES know that Wanda has been manipulating her mind though. It was a horrible betrayal of trust and it's probably a big reason why she chose Ansom instead of Wanda. Wanda has been acting in ways that are causing Jillian to stop loving her. Why?

    This ties into Charlie saying he has to maintain a contract with with another party. That contract didn't happen off screen like we had been thinking, because the party he made the contract with was Jillian herself. It is the very contract that saved Wanda in the first place. Keep in mind that the two examples of a carny using this magic involves them trying to be clever with the new fate that kills the recipient, they pick something extremely unlikely. So what might Charlie think is an extremely unlikely reason for Wanda to die?

    Simply put, Wanda's, new, carneyed, fate is to be killed by Jillian herself.

    That neatly solves the whole mystery. Why doesn't Wanda turn to Faq, despite hating working for Stanley? Why does Jillian still have a fate, despite bringing back Faq? Why is Charlie protecting Jillian, spending all this money to build up Faq for her? Because Jillian is Wanda's natural predator, just as Parson is Charlies'. They will be forced to fight each other, and when they do, Jillian is going to kill Wanda for him and HE KNOWS IT, because he is the one that cast the spell in the first place. This is the contract Charlie is protecting. If Jillian died then he wouldn't have fulfilled his end of the carnymancy he cast on Wanda. Therefore, to fulfill his contract with Jillian, he has to make sure Wanda dies from the new fate he carnyed into her, which means keeping Jillian alive.

    I'd also guess that reason why Wanda got the arkentool is not because of some innate superiority either, it was just that Fate decided to use it as a method of making Wanda so horrible that Jillian would eventually want to kill Wanda off personally. Why would Fate go to such an extreme measure to cause this? Simple, Fate can't operate on Jillian directly, like it can with other units, because Charlie removed that voice that made her follow it in the past. Without the voice in Jillian's head saying she needs to kill Wanda, the only alternative Fate has is to make Wanda into something so horrible that Jillian is compelled to kill her. This also means Wanda should beware decrypting Jillian because that would likely restore Jillian's Fate voice, and we already know decrypted units can rebel against her.

    Wanda imagines herself being some grand cog in the whims of fate, but she is just a tiny ant under it's boots. She isn't going to be conquering the world, or bringing all the arkentools together. Her destiny is to just piss off Jillian until the woman croaks her. The end.
    (I really love this last line. It's the kind of pathetic end I really want for her. Screw you, Wanda!)

    I've never heard anyone coming up with this before, so I proclaim myself the first to have figured it out! I feel this is right because it fits with all the past information, which properly foreshadows the coming events.
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