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    Putting the Fear Back into Fear

    Fear is a powerful effect in both real life and fantasy. It can greatly influence a person and bring about a swift defeat by utterly shutting them down. However, fear fails to have as much sway as it should. Many creatures boast immunity to fear, and fear itself is usually manifested as a penalty to saving throws. Well now I propose a few changes to make fear a greater force among PCs. In addition to the normal penalities and limitations, take the following addition into consideration.

    Stressful Situation - While afraid, you cannot take 10 or take 20 unless you are capable of doing so in stressful situations. When cowering, you cannot make skill checks.

    Spell Failure Chance - As your fear rises, it begins to hinder your spellcasting abilities. You can't focus, you can't remember that last little arcane word as the dragon's breath tears at your cloak. Spellcasting requires concentration and focus in order to be effective; those are luxuries to those wracked with fear.

    Maximum Casting Time - As the situation becomes more dire, there's less time to prepare the more lengthy spells in your arsenal. With that in mind, there's a limit to what kinds of spells you can cast while scared.

    Night Terrors - The mind often echoes past events in one's dreams or meditative states. The chance of your sleep, meditation, and spell preparation being interrupted is based off the highest level of fear you suffered in the last 12 hours. This interruption keeps you from sleeping or preparing spells if it occurs, and you must wait another 6 hours (though there is no chance of failure this time). Having calm emotions cast on you before your attempts will prevent night terrors (which could potentially manifest during the day) from interrupting you.

    Phobia - Some fears become so devastating that they stay with the victim for up to 1d12 months. See the Fear section of Heroes of Horror, page 61, for more details on phobias. The phobia is directed towards the source of the fear effect, at the DM's discretion.

    {table=head]Fear Level|Spell Failure Chance|Max Casting Time|Chance for Terrors|Chance for Phobia
    Frightened|25%|1 minute|10%|1% for a mild phobia
    Panicked|50%|1 standard action|15%|4% for moderate phobia
    Cowering|Can't cast|None|20%|9% for a severe phobia

    Dread Witch Modification
    Dread Witches gain the Fear Caster feat at level one. Without this change, playing a Dread Witch, a purveyor of internal and external fear, would become quite difficult given my proposed adaptations.

    Dread Feats of Maerok
    See Complete Lich for more evil feats, and undead ones too.

    Fear Feats: [Fear] feats are special adaptations the character has made in the face of fear. They generally negate some of fear's damaging effects on your abilities, improving those abilities while they're at it. A creature with immunity to fear trying to use a fear feat may negate its fear immunity for six hours at a time (unable to regain it prematurely). Creatures without Intelligence cannot gain or use fear feats.


    Anathema [Vile]
    Prerequisite: Any two Vile feats
    Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus against [Good] spells and effects for every two Vile feats you have. You may penetrate wardings against evil creatures, such as a magic circle against evil or an alignment-specific symbol, as if you were Good if its spell level is less than or equal to the number of Vile feats you have.

    Baleful Soul [Vile]
    You are a walking pit of evil.
    Prerequisite: Character level 9, Blackened Heart
    Benefit: As Blackened Heart but a result of four also paralyzes the victim for a number of rounds equal to your vile feats. Add that number to any damage dealt against the victim in a coup de grace.

    Blackened Heart [Vile]
    Your soul is dark enough to make it dangerous for one to even touch you.
    Prerequisites: One Vile feat
    Benefit: Whenever you are contacted by a melee touch attack, touch spell, or unarmed attack from an adjacent foe, it must succeed on a DC 10 + 2 x Vile Feats + Cha Will save or be overpowered with your corruption. It takes 1d4 points of vile damage, rerolling the die once if the first outcome was less than your number of vile feats. The victim gains a +1 bonus to the save for every Exalted or Vile feat they have.

    Calm, Cool, and Collected [Fear]
    You can recover from fear with relative ease.
    Prerequisite: Iron Will, Persuasive
    Special: When calming yourself down, you always succeed. When calming others down, you gain a +4 bonus to your attempt (with whatever type of check you wish to make from the given choices).

    You've spent a great deal of time preparing yourself in deciphering the tactics of those who wield Sabotage spells.
    Prerequisite: Caster level 5, able to cast two or more spells of the Sabotage subschool, Spellcraft 8 ranks
    Special: As long as you have a Sabotage spell prepared or have cast one this day, you can identify a Sabotage spell's true nature as long as you sucessfully identify it as a spell in the first place. Your chance to misidentify it correctly with no Sabotage spells prepared or cast is reduced to 50%.

    Covert Allegiance
    Your skill at wrenching secrets and information from others is unsurpassed.
    Prerequisite: Disguise 6 ranks, Sense Motive 6 ranks
    Benefit: You are seen as neutral to any detect spells or divination spells of a similar effect if your total HD is greater than the caster level of he spell plus its spell level.

    Dark Supplicant
    Your exceedingly powerful faith in your evil god grants you further prowess in the dark arts.
    Prerequisite: Supplicant (twice) to an Evil god, arcane caster level 15
    Special: You may choose one of the following benefits each time you take this feat:
    -Choose a divine spell of third level or less, without the Good subtype. You may cast it as spell-like ability twice per day without the need for XP, focuses, or material components.
    -You may rebuke evil outsiders or undead (choose one) as a Cleric of a level equal to your arcane caster level.
    -You gain a Vile feat of your choice; Dark Supplicant may qualify in place of a prerequisite which in turn has no prerequisites.
    -You gain a +2 profane bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
    -You gain an additional 1st-, and 2nd-level spell per day as long as they are of the necromancy, evocation, or conjuration schools, or they have the Evil subtype.

    Dead on the Inside
    After years of spending your time with the undead, they've imparted their stoic nature upon you.
    Prerequisite: Able to cast two necromancy spells per level, has animated at least 40 HD of undead at one time, caster level 10, Spell Focus (Necromancy)
    Special: You gain immunity to any penalties brought on by intense pain, such as wrack or symbol of pain. Mindless undead with less HD than you regard you as an undead creature. You gain a +2 bonus to saves against mind-affecting effects and fear effects.

    Deny Fear [Fear]
    By channeling your internal anguish outwards, you can avoid most of fear's debilitating effects, at a cost.
    Prerequisite: Toughness or Improved Toughness
    Special: Whenever you would apply your Fear Modifier to a fear-affected check or save, you may lose a number of hitpoints equal to your Fear Modifier in order to treat your Fear Modifier as zero for all checks and saves for the rest of that turn (including that save or check; even if it wasn't your turn). This damage cannot be healed until your fear ends, and you could die from it.

    Divine Conversion
    You are able to
    Prerequisite: Able to cast second level spells, able to turn/rebuke undead
    Benefit: Once per day as a full-round action, you may expend a spell slot or prepared spell to gain a number of uses of turn or rebuke undead.
    2nd - 3rd: +1 use
    4th - 5th: +2 uses
    6th - 7th: +3 uses
    8th - 9th: +4 uses

    Dread Fist
    Your ability to channel dark energy has been applied to your more martial practices.
    Prerequisite: Charnel touch class ability, improved unarmed strike
    Benefit: Your unarmed attacks may deal negative energy damage equal to your unarmed damage plus 1 per 4 class levels of your combined dread necromancer and monk levels. This is in place of any normal damage it would deal, and may be used with flurry of blows.

    Dread Lord [Feat]
    Even the stoutest of creatures may fall victim to your fear inducing spells.
    Prerequisite: Able to cast three Fear spells or spell-like abilities, caster level 13
    Special: You can instill fear in the most fearless of creatures. When your fear-inducing spells or abilities are put against a creature immune to fear, they receive a +4 bonus to their saving throws. If the attempt succeeds, the creature suffers the fear effect but at one category lower (to a minimum of shaken). Creatures immune to fear as per their type traits or with Intelligence less than 2 are effected as normal (or with more HD than the spell allows to effect).
    Normal: You cannot instill fear in a creature immune to fear.

    Dread Lord of Legend [Epic]
    Your fear spells can afflict more powerful creatures.
    Prerequisite: Able to use eight Fear spells or spell-like abilities, caster level 21, Dread Lord
    Special: Double the maximum HD of creatures your fear spells/abilities can effect. Cause fear now effects creatures with 12 HD or less, rather than the normal 6 HD. You gain a +4 insight bonus to your spells' DC.

    Dreadnaught [Fighter, Fear]
    As the dangers around you increase, you become more dangerous as well.
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +6
    Special: When afraid, you ignore any penalties to your attack or damage rolls resulting from your fear. Add your Fear Modifier to your attack and damage rolls.

    Elite Executioner
    As a master of execution, few survive your grim work.
    Prerequisite: Profession (executioner) 12
    Special: The Escape DC of your execution attempts is increased by 4. Once per day when you make your Profession (executioner) check, you may roll twice and take the better of the two outcomes. If you botch the execution, it deals twice as much damage instead (Exceptions: crucifixion deals 20% of their total hitpoints each hour; the DC of the Fortitude save for the headsman's axe coup de grace is increased by 4).

    Extra Death Touch [Divine]
    Your skill at wrenching secrets and information from others is unsurpassed.
    Prerequisite: Access to Death or Repose domain ability
    Benefit: You may use your Death or Repose domain ability an additional time per day, treating your class level as one lower with each use. You may take this feat multiple times. With access to both abilities, choose one to grant an additional use to.

    Fear Caster [Fear]
    Prerequisite: Able to use two spells or spell-like abilities of the Fear subtype.
    Special: While under a fear effect, you don't suffer from fear-based spell failure and your spells aren't limited by their casting time. You don't receive any penalties to caster checks or any rolls made as part of a spell you've cast.

    Greater Death Touch [Divine]
    Your skill at wrenching secrets and information from others is unsurpassed.
    Prerequisite: Extra Death Touch, character level 15
    Benefit: You may expend two uses of either domain ability to roll 1d4+2 per class level, rather than 1d6.

    Hands of the Graveborn
    Your skill at wrenching secrets and information from others is unsurpassed.
    Prerequisite: Able to cast an appropriate spell or use an appropriate spell-like ability, Tomb-tainted Soul
    Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls on touch attacks for necromancy, [evil], and [death] spells or spell-like abilities, as well as the Death/Repose domain ability and a Dread Necromancer's Charnel Touch (or similar abilities).

    Horn of Woe Dirge [Bardic]
    The songs you sing can be tainted by the malevolence of the Horn of Woe, a horrific musical instrument crafted from the horn of a unicorn driven mad.
    Prerequisite: Bardic music class feature, inspire courage +2
    Benefit: When you begin your bardic music effect, you may choose to invoke the Horn of Woe through your music. Your inspire courage effect bestows a penalty (the negative of the normal bonus) on all enemies who can hear it and fail their Will save (DC 10 + bard level + Cha modifier). This is a mind-affecting effect which can only be sustained for one round per two bard levels. Bard levels stack with classes granting additional uses of bardic music or with prestige classes like the Seeker of the Song or the Virtuoso.

    Inquisitor of Pain
    Your skill at wrenching secrets and information from others is unsurpassed.
    Prerequisite: Intimidate 8 ranks, Sense Motive 8 ranks, any Evil, must have used torture devices to extract information
    Special: You gain a +4 bonus to Sense Motive and Intimidate checks while using torture devices (see Book of Vile Darkness). If you ever roll a natural 20 on your Intimidate check while torturing, your victim is automatically put under a zone of truth effect for 1 minute, its DC is equal to 10 + your ranks in Intimidate.

    Natural Courage [Fear]
    While in animal form, your connection to the raw power of nature helps to resist the effect of fear.
    Prerequisite: Wildshape class ability (2/day)
    Special: When wildshaped, treat your Fear Modifier as if your fear were one category lower. You may still move once per turn while cowering.

    Your insidious nature has allowed you to consume the very energy of necromancy spells and abilities.
    Prerequisite: Any Evil, able to cast level 5 Necromancy spells
    Special: When you make a successful save against a spell of the Necromancy school, you may heal 5 hitpoints per level of the spell. You may use this ability to heal up to twice your HD in hitpoints each day. Undead creatures may heal up to four times their HD each day.

    Object of Fear
    The fear you exude is debilitating when your victims try to muster their courage against you.
    Prerequisite: Frightful Presence or some other fear-inducing supernatural or extraordinary ability, Ability Focus for that ability
    Special: When you are a creature's source of fear, their Fear Modifier is increased by 2 on rolls or saves against you (when attacking you, making opposed checks, being affected by your spells).

    One Amongst Evil
    Your dark intent grants you favor with like-minded associates.
    Prerequisite: Evil, character level 6
    Special: You may activate or deactivate this ability as a standard action. Any evil creature automatically knows your alignment and will at least 'save you for last'. You gain a +2 bonus on Charisma-based skill checks with evil creatures. Creatures able to use detect evil as a spell-like ability, a spell, or has it prepared or could use a spell slot to cast it is automatically aware of your alignment as well.

    Poison Lord
    Prerequisite: Sneak attack +3d6, Craft (poison) 9 ranks
    Benefit: As you make a sneak attack with a poisoned weapon, you may reduce the sneak attack dice to increase the DC of the poison by the same amount.

    Purveyor of Fears [Fear]
    By learning from your own terror, you can empower the fear you try to bestow on others.
    Prerequisite: Fear Caster, able to use three spells or spell-like abilities of the Fear subtype.
    Special: While under the effects of fear, add +1 to the DC of your spells with the Fear subtype for each level of fear you have.

    Push the Boundary
    In your travels, you've learned that sometimes you must push your faith in order to succeed.
    Prerequisite: Cannot cast spells of opposing alignment, caster level 10
    Special: Once per day, you may prepare and cast a spell of the chosen opposing alignment (Law, Chaos, Evil, Good). An Evil Cleric may cast a Good spell, etc. This feat may be taken multiple times, either for a different alignment or to allow for a second/third use per day of a given alignment.

    Running Scared [Fear]
    You can run like the wind from anything that scares you.
    Prerequisite: A Fear feat.
    Special: You may move once per turn while cowering. At the end of your movement, you may attempt to calm yourself. You gain a +10 foot bonus to your base land speed while shaken or frightened, and a +20 foot bonus to your base land speed while panicked or cowering. You keep your Dexterity bonus and do not gain the -2 penalty to AC, nor can the Shreak Attack feat be used against you.

    As a wielder of Sabotage spells, you get multiple chances to mess up your enemies' intentions.
    Prerequisite: Able to cast four or more spells of the Sabotage subschool.
    Special: Sabotage spells you cast last for an additional use if they are discharged or only apply once per casting. You may take this spell multiple times, increasing the amount of extra occurrences by one each time.
    Normal: Generally, your Sabotage spells are triggered once per casting.

    Shriek Attack
    You know when to hit a guy when he's down.
    Prerequisite: Ability to perform a coup de grace as a standard action
    Special: You may perform a coup de grace on a cowering opponent as a move action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. This only works if they have not regained the ability to move when cowering.

    Sinister Blade [Vile]
    You can manifest your deceit as a miasma across your blade.
    Prerequisite: Sneak attack +3d6, Evil
    Special: You deal 1 point of vile damage per die when you deal sneak attack damage.

    You've managed to turn your draining magics full circle, in order to revitalize yourself.
    Prerequisite: Any Evil, Able to cast a spell that inflicts negative levels or has the Fell Drain metamagic feat
    Benefit: Whenever a creature incurs negative levels from your spells, you gain temporary hit points as per their Hit Dice; draining a fighter yields 1d10 temporary hit points per level, while a sorcerer will give 1d4 instead. You may have a maximum number of temporary hitpoints from this ability equal to 1.5 times your caster level, which last for one minute per spell level.

    Though you profess in the arcane, your god acknowledges you with power deserving of your faith.
    Prerequisite: Arcane Disciple (choose one), arcane caster level 11
    Special: You gain +1 to the caster levels of spells from your chosen domain. You also gain the granted power of that domain as a Cleric of a level equal to the number of levels you have in classes that grant arcane spells.

    Tomb Master
    You're an expert of tomb construction and could find your way through the most convoluted of crypts.
    Prerequisite: 9 ranks between Know (Architecture and Engineering), Know (Geography), and/or Know (History)
    Special: You gain a +4 bonus to Knowledge checks and bardic lore checks concerning tombs, crypts, and other burial places. You gain darkvision 30' while in such a place.

    Walking Abhorrence [Vile]
    In the battle of life and death, your mere presence invokes more terror
    Prerequisite: Any Evil, character level 18, two Vile feats
    Benefit: Animals must succeed on a Will save (DC equal to your character level) in order to come within 10 feet of you. Weapons you wield gain the unholy property. However, anyone who uses a smite evil ability against you is treated as two levels higher for the purpose of attack and damage bonuses from the ability. Creatures using detect evil on you, even by accident, must succeed on a Will save (equal to your character level) or become staggered for 1d6 rounds; a creature who succeeds is immune to the effect for the rest of the day. Any creature that sees you can tell you are evil.
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