…, Scratch on Reality (Eldest)

Vestige Level: 6th.
Binding DC: 26.

No name is remembered for this being, even its seal is hard to keep track of as it fades when written, stone where it is carved eroding with unnatural speed, ink disappearing leaving paper blank.

Legend: Not much is known of this being as they seem to resist knowledge. Half remembered tales surface from time to time, little whispers of stories. Scholars who study the vestiges ultimately claim that they have some relationship with the mysterious beings called whispers although what this connection is they have more difficulty agreeing upon. Some claim that they were simply the first whisper, the first being that reality forgot about and who faded wholly from reality do to it, that they are the Eldest Whisper. Others claim that they were not a whisper, at least not in the modern sense, but that they are the ultimate source of all whispers as they were a being who, in some act of audacity, damaged the very underlying framework of reality, that they tore a rent in the walls of existence and it is through this hole that whispers are forgotten. They write an epic tale of a mortal who in their hubris attempted to change the very nature of reality at its most fundamental point, and who failed in their intent, instead damaging existence so that sometimes people simply fall through the cracks; unfortunately no two tellings of the tale agree and there’s not a bard alive who can remember the details. Some even claim that this nameless being is the eldest vestige, or at least the reason why vestiges exist, that they made the world of vestiges with their transgression.

Special Requirement: … will not manifest in the sight of any creatures other than the binder.

Special Rule: It requires 10 ranks of Knowledge (the planes) to even know … exists as a vestige, or to have been shown the seal after which it requires a DC 15 Will save every week to avoid forgetting the sign (Knowledge ranks avoid this difficulty).

Manifestation: It is hard for those who have bound … to describe the process. …’s manifestation is forgotten the moment that they are no longer visible. Even the best attempts at magically recording the process are vague showing at most a vague humanoid which seems to speak in a whisper.

Sign: Your hair and nails become transparent, with your entire body seeming to shift back and forth between opaque and partially translucent.

Influence: While influenced by ... you shrink from confrontation and notice. You cannot stand to be directly observed or closely analyzed, instead seeking to do whatever you can to go unnoticed. Calling direct attention to yourself fills you with anxiety, making you loath to even draw your allies’ attention to you.

Granted Abilities: While bound … makes it difficult for others to remember you, allows you to remember what others have forgotten, to escape the bonds of magic, cause reality itself to grow uncertain of your location, and to slip past others unseen.

Easily Forgotten: While … is bound people must make a Will save to remember details concerning you when they cannot directly sense you (smell you, see you, hear you, feel you) for longer than 2 rounds. They may still remember events that happened involving you, but the details will be forgotten (if you walk up and stab someone they remember that they were stabbed by something but can’t say for sure who did it, or even whether they were a humanoid; if you are being chased and go around a corner your pursuers will remember they were chasing something, but not what they looked like, or who, or how they lost their quarry). Once a creature can see/sense you again they are able to remember you normally until you leave once more, and any creature which knows you from when you have not had this vestige bound remembers who but not the details concerning your actions while this vestige is bound (unless they succeed on their will save).

Forgotten Knowledge: You gain a +8 competence bonus to Knowledge checks with a DC of 25 or higher as long as the information has existed long enough that more people have forgotten it, or died since knowing it, than currently know it. You may make such Knowledge checks untrained.

Slip Magic: As a standard action you can cause magic itself to forget your existence. This functions as a targeted Dispel Magic used on yourself with no limit to the bonus to your dispel check based on level (using your EBL as your CL). Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

Vanish Shift: As a swift action, you can cause your precise position to be forgotten by reality itself, working your will upon the fabric of reality itself to reappear somewhere within 5 ft per 5 binder levels. While mechanistically similar this is not a teleportation effect. You do not teleport, reality just had you at the wrong pace.

Whispered Form: You gain a +8 competence bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks while … is bound and may hide without cover or concealment, though you still must be unobserved. If you attack a creature you cannot hide from that creature without cover or concealment for 5 rounds.

For Contractors: Enervating Shadows.

For Goetic Knights: Cloak Bind
Basic Bind: You can hide without cover or concealment, and gain a bonus to Hide and Move Silently equal to 1/3rd your Tool Binding Level.
Intense Bind: As long as there is another creature which presents an active threat enemies must make a Will saveto target you in preference to other viable enemies. In addition when you move you may teleport up to your speed.
Deep Bind: You are incorporeal as long as this bound item is worn.

For Vestige Priests:
Spoiler: Spell list
Lv 0: Daze, Ghost Sound, Mending, Open/Close.
1st: Benign TranspositionSpC, Dead EndSpC, Disguise Self, Dispel WardSpC, DistractSpC, Erase, (Nystul's) Magic Aura, Reduce Person, Ventriloquism.
2nd: Baleful TranspositionSpC, Blur, Dimension HopPHBII, Dispelling TouchPHBII, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Obscure Object, Swift InvisibilitySpC
3rd: Alter FortunePHBII, Blink, Dimension StepPHBII, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Nondetection, RegroupPHBII.
4th: Confusion, Detect Scrying, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Greater Mirror ImagePHBII, Slashing DispelPHBII, Translocation TrickSpC.
5th: Break Enchantment, Dimensional ShufflePHBII, False Vision, Modify Memory, Seeming, Teleport.
6th: Disintegrate, Greater Dispel Magic, Mislead, Plane Shift, Tactical TeleportationCM, Veil
7th: Banishment, Greater Teleport, Insanity, Limited Wish, Mass Invisibility, SolipsismSpC, Teleport Object
8th: Chain DispelPHBII, GhostformSpC, Greater Plane ShiftSpC, Maze, Mind Blank, Superior InvisibilityPHBII, Temporal Stasis
9th: Instant RefugeSpC, Programmed AmnesiaSpC, Reaving DispelSpC, Time Stop, Wish