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    Quote Originally Posted by MwaO View Post
    A4: That's more that if as an example, you want an Accurate Ki Focus and a Mighty Ki Focus, you need to take the feat separately twice. And any given Ki Focus can only be one kind of Superior and you can only use one ki focus at a time - so for practical reasons, no one would ever take the feat more than once.
    Ehhh, all but the Accurate ki focus have two properties, like Mighty includes both Unerring and Empowered Crit. But unlike other superior implements, you can only use one property per feat, not one variety of ki focus. It strikes me as odd that ki focuses would be different from other implements that way. I love ki focuses, but I can't say I think they're in need of a nerf like that. Like, if you spend a feat on crystal orb, you get Energized (Psychic) and Undeniable, but spending a feat on inexorable ki focus gets you Energized (Force) or Unstoppable.
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