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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Domains And Domain Feats

    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    Well, let's just say that I'm the only one who's made a character so far - an Incarnation fluffed as the half-mortal son of the Dragon God IZ42 made for me in the last thread - and leave it at that.
    That sounds... awesome. PsyBomb did a PBP where we got to use all of our GitP Regulars as X content. That was cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    Well, White Dragons are far from my favorite, but they're not my least favorite Chromatic - that dishonor goes to the Green Dragon. I don't know why, but I've just never really like the Green's representation in 3.X. My favorite Chromatics are the Reds, as I see them as the most classically draconic, followed by the Black and Blue Dragons. Of the Metallics, I would actually prefer the Gold, but the Bronze and Silver are pretty cool too, and the Coppers are always fun. I don't really like Brass Dragons, though - too annoying.
    We encountered a fairly dim one. He was more like a mercenary in our campaign. Green dragons aren't wonderful. Sand dragons are super cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    I need to hear this story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Segev View Post
    This sounds like a story that needs to be told.
    The "War of the Lance" plot-line is really intense, so it might not come out as intense as we felt it. It took us three years to get from level 6 to level 15. Anyways, Evenstar was a really awesome really old great wyrm (gold).
    Spoiler: Story Time
    Now gather around children and wyrmlings. Paladin has a story to tell about his days a ranger in the far away land of Krynn.

    We were on the run. We'd freed thousands of captured refugees from the red dragon army that had taken roost in Pax Tharkas and we'd just caused the death of two very powerful red dragons (one of which was the biggest dragon I've ever encountered, she had something like 85 hit dice. Coolest red dragon and a great personality.)

    After an incredibly long journey full of survival checks, we managed to transport all of the refugees to Thorbardin. Thorbardin is basically the dwarfiest kingdom you can imagine. It's like Moria, but bigger and with more dwarves. Getting in was no small task, but that's an entirely different story and I almost started a war with the dwarves.

    Once inside, we discovered that the dwarves had a slew of their own problems that, of course, we had to solve. We had to retrieve a hammer that would unify all the dwarven leaders under it, but it was lost to time somewhere deep in Thorbardin. With our quest set, we set out for the hammer and eventually came upon a floating citadel deep below Krynn's surface. This was where Evenstar lived.

    As an incredibly old gold dragon, Evenstar was pretty powerful. When he determined our cause was just, he relinquished the hammer and let us go. But when we stepped out into the courtyard, we were greeted by not one, but three red dragons.

    Hopelessly outmatched, we prepared for the worst, but we wouldn't go down without a fight. Amazingly the dragons would not step onto the building because they were terrified by Evenstar and respected his power. But that fear was overcome when they realized we had a few things they wanted (the disks of Mishikal/all other deities, the hammer, directions to the dragonmetal forge, etc). In a crazy turn of events, I (as the party archer) was able to turn one of the dragons into a living pincushion through a combination of a great spot check and luck.

    Two dragons remaining, they set down on the courtyard. Which was the worst decision of their lives (also the last decision). Evenstar ripped out of his domain and absolutely demolished the remaining dragons, but sustained a lot of injuries. The saddest moment was when this paragon of good was laying on the ground, breathing heavily and encouraging us on our journey. He pulled some jedi master magic and fadded into nothing after drawing his last breath.

    That moment was so powerful at our table that we actually had an unannounced moment of silence. We were devastated. It actually makes me hurt just writing about it. That was hands down the most powerful death that ever happened at our table. The best part is that it wasn't even a player!
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