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    For you, Virus, Snowbluff, and Xuldarinaar it is true I have something in mind. Of the four you're probably easiest (as long as I avoid Courtier and Jedi... as apparently I'd make the same stuff inspired by you and Emperor Palpatine).

    Fell Wolf Powers (Red Fel)

    The following are new wolf powers for werewolves who have been touched by the honeyed corruption of Hell.

    • Fell Touched (Ex): Your fur is red. Bluff and Diplomacy are added to Werewolf class skill list (refund). You become immune to magical effects which force you to tell the truth or punish you for lying, and may make a Feint attempt in combat as a move action, or as a swift action if you have the Improved Feint feat.

    • Cutting Feint (Ex): Requires Bestial Trip, Fel Touched, or Pack Fighter. When you feint another creature in combat you gain a +2 to hit with your next attack even if your Feint attempt was a failure, and deal +2d6 precision damage if the attempt was a success. In addition you may Feint more quickly, as a move action, swift action if you have Improved Feint or Fel Touched, and 2/round as a free action if you have both.
    • Dark Charm (Su): Requires Fel Touched or Dhampyr-Blood. You gain the ability to charm creatures with your voice. This functions as Charm Monster but with a 10 minute/class level duration and is usable once per day + once per day per 6 class levels.
    • Fell Words (Su): Requires Fell Touched. 3/day you may state an utterance that those listening must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ Werewolf level + Cha modifier) or they accept as truth despite the utter ridiculous that you are their parent while they are older than you, or that the sky is orange when they can see it is blue. If another creature tells them it is untrue and presents them with evidence they are allowed another save, otherwise this effect lasts 1 day/2 werewolf levels.

    • Hell’s Step: A werewolf may qualify with Fel Touched++ or Fel Touched and Shadow Child in addition to the regular methods.
    • Shadow Cut (Su): Requires Cutting Feint and Moonshadow Trickster or Moonshadow Adept or Shadow Child. You may attack a creature’s shadow instead of itself. To do so you the creature must cast a shadow, usually meaning it must be in bright or shadowy illumination. When you attack a creature’s shadow it is denied its Dexterity bonus, but the blow must still strike hard enough and at a chink to push through its armor (it is not a touch attack). If the target is between you and a source of light its shadow is consider to extend out from it towards you a number of squares equal to the creature’s space.
    • Fell Threads (Su): Requires Dark Charm or Fell Words. 1/day plus 1/day per 3 levels beyond 14th you have obtained you may extend the threads of your will into the soul of another to use it as your puppet. This functions like Dominate Monster except its duration is 1 round per Werewolf level and it is a supernatural ability with a Will save DC 10 + ½ Werewolf level + Cha modifier.

    • Fell Prophet (Su): Requires Fell Threads, you must be Evil aligned to select this Wolf Power. Your words carry a dark power. You gain Dark Speech as a bonus feat. Any creature which hears you speak, regardless of what words you say, must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ Werewolf level + Cha modifier) or have their attitude towards you improved; a hostile creature becomes indifferent towards you and unwilling to harm directly harm you unless actively coerced to do so or you are currently and actively threatening those they care about, an unfriendly or indifferent creature becomes friendly seeing you as a cherished friend and wishing you well (similar to Charm Person), and an already Friendly creature becomes Helpful, and willing to take (non-suicidal) risks for you. This is a mind-affecting charm effect. This effect lasts until the affected creature goes one hour without hearing your voice at which point they will return to their initial attitude towards you over the course of 10 minutes. If a creature successfully saves against this effect they are immune for 24 hours. In addition once per round you may utter a command to one creature within 60 ft as a standard action. It must make a Will save (same DC) or be affected as if by the command spell. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. 3 times per day you can utter this command to all creatures which can hear you and you do not specifically exempt, it functions the same way (as a command spell) except it affects any number of targets and has a theoretically infinite range.
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