I was hoping you might share your thoughts on a few aspects of a wood elf tempest cleric, similar to one of your example builds but without multiclassing.

I've got 19 in Wis, 17 in Dex, 12 in Con but am then not sure what the best choice for the last three (I've got 12, 10, 10 to place - rolled 12, 15, 10, 18, 10, 12). What would you do?

What would you recommend for the first ability score improvement at level 4? Get Warcaster? Round up Wis or Dex? Or something else?

Any other things I should keep an eye out for as a new player, starting a new campaign with this character?

Thanks for spending the time to make this guide. I'm new to DnD and this has helped me greatly in making my character.