Draconium (Draconium)

Also called "dragon's gold" draconium is gold from a dragon's hoard upon which a dragon has long rested. This gold accumulates a magical charge due to the dragon's slumber granting it a magical conductivity which can be both boon and curse. While only rarely made into armor (and never into weapons) this dragons gold is used in various magical items and can be forged from draconium. Draconium costs ~100 GP a pound due to the difficulty of collecting it and verifying it has been within a dragon's hoard long enough (DC 20 Spellcraft check while observing with Detect Magic), although it can be found more simply by killing dragons. This replaces the normal raw material cost of armor made from draconium. Only normally metal armor may be made from draconium and it may not be chain link. Draconium armor grants 1 less AC if medium, and 2 less if heavy, however it has no arcane spell failure, its max Dex is increased by 1, and its armor check penalty is reduced by 2; as all draconium armor is masterwork that reduction is included within. As an additional 'benefit' of draconium armor touch spells can be applied 5 ft beyond the caster's reach, ranged and melee touch attack rolls to strike you with spells gain a +2 bonus, and the range of any other targeted spell targeting you is increased by 5 ft if you wear light (studded leather) draconium armor, 10 ft if you wear medium, and 15 ft if you wear heavy, this also increases the distance from other targets you may be with multi-target spells.