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Thread: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Reserve Feats

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    Fell Deception [Reserve] (Red Fel)

    The vile magic flowing through your veins does little to impede your natural charm. In fact, it only seems to enhance it...
    Prerequisites: Evil alignment, ability to cast (Charm) spells of 4th-level

    Effect: As long as you have a (Charm) spell of 4th-level or higher available to cast, a number of times per day equal to 1/3 your caster level (maximum 6/Day at level 18), you may attempt to charm any creature with an Int score of at least 3, They must succeed on a Will save (DC equal to that of the highest level (Charm) spell you have available) or have their attitude towards you improved by one step, though this cannot improve their attitude past Helpful. Should they succeed, they are not aware any such attempt was made. This is an enchantment (Charm), mind-affecting effect. You also no longer are recognized as Evil or the purposes of alignment-detecting abilities or as long as you have a (Charm) spell of 4th-level or higher available to cast.
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