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    Word of Betrayal [Reserve, Vile] (Red Fel)

    With a word you cause an enemy to turn upon their closest comrade and strike them down.

    Prerequisites: Ability to cast a 4th level or higher Enchantment (Compulsion) spell.

    Benefit: You can speak a word of betrayal as a standard action forcing one creature within 10 ft per spell level of the highest level Enchantment (Compulsion) spell you have available cast to make a Will save or on their next turn they must move to make a single attack against the ally for whom they care the most for that they can move to and attack with the deadliest attack that does not require the use of a limited use special ability or special ammunition. They gain a bonus to attack and damage with this attack equal to the level of the highest level Enchantment (Compulsion) spell you have available cast. If there are no allies they can reach to attack this ability has no effect.

    As a secondary benefit you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level for Enchantment (Compulsion) spells.
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