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    Spine of the Spire [Reserve] (Seto)
    The power of the Elephant of Balance is within you making magic more difficult to cast nearby.
    Prerequisites: Must be Neutral in at least one axis of your alignment, must be able to cast 3rd level or higher Abjuration spells.
    Benefit: As a standard action you can anchor the multiverse around you. This creates a 20 ft emanation, centered on yourself, in which spellcasting is difficult. Spells and spell-like abilities which are lower level than the highest level Abjuration spell you have available to cast suffer a 20% chance of failure if cast while within the area, targeting creatures/objects within the area, creating effects within the area, or having the point of origin for their area within the area (you can, however freely cast lines and cones from outside in). In addition such spells suffer a penalty to their caster level equal to the highest level Abjuration spell you have available to cast. It is a standard action to deactivate this aura and it affects spells you cast as well. If you fall unconscious the aura automatically deactivates.

    As a secondary benefit you gain a +1 competence bonus to CL with Abjuration spells.
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