Man, Zaydos is on a freakin roll here. Well i better actually do something.

Dragon's Breath (Draconium or Zaydos, i cant choose between our two favorite Dragons )

Unleash the fury of your Draconic heritage!

Prerequisite: Dragonblooded type, the ability to cast spells with the [fire], [cold], [electricty], or [acid] descriptor of 2nd level or higher.
Effect: When you take this feat choose one of [fire], [cold], [electricty], or [acid], this is the energy type that you breath weapon will deal. If you have Draconic heritage of a specific dragon type, your type must match that, otehrwise you may choose.
As a standard action you may create a 15 foot cone shaped burst that deals 1d4 damage, +1d4 damage per level of the highest level [fire], [cold], [electricty], or [acid] spell you posess, to all in the area with a DC 10+ highest level [fire], [cold], [electricty], or [acid] + Casting stat mod Reflex for half. The Cone gains +5ft per 2 spell levels beyond 2nd.

Special: You gain a +1 CL on spells with one of the [fire], [cold], [electricty], or [acid] descriptors, this must match the energy type of your Draconic Breath.

On an unrelated note, i have succeeded on my Craft: Biscuits check