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If I use the psychic power Living Missile on a creature to slide them in and out of a psychic power Cerulean Cage augmented zone multiple times does the creature take multiple instances of the cage's noted damage within the same round?

Most magic zones that I know of state if the creature "starts" or "ends their turn in the zone" then X amount of damage occurs. Makes sense.

The zone from the Cerulean Cage states, "Any creature that leaves the zone takes X damage." So if I slide the creature in/out of the zone 5 separate times with the Living Missile power isn't the creature "leaving" the zone 5 times and therefore going to receive 5X damage in the round?
Yes. Zone abuse was one of the most common methods of dealing ridiculous damage early on in 4e's lifespan. For some reason, their solution was to apply errata on a power-by-power basis, near ubiquitously inserting the phrase, "A creature can take this damage only once per turn," instead of adding that to the rules about Zones.

Since they missed this one, it's legal, but your DM still may throw things at you if you actually do it.