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    Multipermissions as Feats or Spells for Thralls

    So I enjoyed the challenge last time of making you all as maneuvers (the dual discipline part made it harder to). So I decided to make all of you as Feats or Spells for evil aligned worshipers of Eldritch Abominations. Some of you ended up feats, but a few (caledscratcher, illven, and Jormengand) ended up as spells; the feats come first with occasional commentary followed by the spells.

    Vow of Violence [Vile] (Blackhawk)
    You have sanctified yourself as a ritualistic implement to your dark master(s), your every act of bloodshed a profane prayer. Blood for the blood god.
    Prerequisites: Servant of the Old Ones or Thrall to Demon, Profane Vow (Drow of the Underdark).
    Benefit: Your every act of violence is a prayer and sacrifice to dark gods. Whenever you attack a creature with the intent to kill it you gain 2 ‘Offering Points’ if its CR = your character level, +1 per CR above that it is, and 1 Offering Point if it is 1 or 2 less than your character level. Whenever you kill a creature you gain 2 ‘Offering Point’ if its CR = your character level, +1 per CR above that it is, and 1 Offering Point if it is 1 to 6 less than your character level.

    Once per combat you may spend ‘offering points’ to gain some benefit.
    • Spend 3 offering points as a swift action to gain ½ character level temp hp for 4 rounds.
    • Spend 4 offering points as a swift action to gain a +1 to hit for 4 rounds
    • Spend 4 offering points as a swift action to gain a +2 to damage for 4 rounds.
    • Spend 6 offering points as a swift action to gain the benefits of Improved Critical for 4 rounds.
    • Spend 7 offering points as an immediate action to re-roll an attack roll or saving throw.
    • Spend 8 offering points as a free action to recover 1 maneuver (it does not immediately become granted but is placed back into queue to be granted).
    • Spend 11 offering points to gain +4 Strength for 4 rounds.
    • Spend 14 offering points as free action to recover all maneuvers. If you have granted maneuvers you may select 1 to be granted immediately.

    When you spend offering points you are momentarily seized by fury. Until the end of your next turn you may take no action not directly related to killing another creature.

    As a secondary benefit when you kill a creature its soul is entangled by your dark master making it hard to revive them, requiring a DC 5 + your hit dice + your Charisma modifier Caster Level check to revive them with (if it is not a spell substitute appropriate level or Character Level). If this check fails they may try a higher level spell, but otherwise may not attempt the check again until they have gained 1 character level.

    Unfortunately this dark service leaves its mark on your mind, and makes it difficult for you to peacefully interact with other creatures. You suffer a -3 penalty to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks, and a -1 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill and ability checks for 1 hour whenever you resort to non-violent means other than intimidate to deal with an enemy.

    Special:As part of this vow you swear to your dread master that you will murder in their name. Once per week you must kill a sapient creature that has done you no harm and which you gain no benefit in killing save serving your dark master’s will. If you do not attempt to do so you lose all access to this feat. If you fail to do so but made the attempt you lose all access to this feat until you atone.

    You seem to have a thing for the Blood God and martial combat so something for the Blood Knight archetype only thing in this batch you can qualify for without serving Eldritch Abominations.

    Maddening Breath [Vile] (Draconium)
    Your breath carries your madness with it, a corruptive force which infects the mind and drives your foes to madness.
    Prerequisites: At least 2 points of depravity, Constitution 13+, Charisma 13+, you must possess a breath weapon, Servant of the Old Ones.
    Benefit: When you use your breath weapon you may elect to release a maddening breath. All creatures damaged by your breath weapon suffer 1 point of Wisdom damage per 2 dice of damage dealt by your breath, if they succeeded on a save to reduce the damage dealt by your breath weapon this Wisdom damage is reduced as well. In addition any creature damaged by your breath weapon suffers 1 point of depravity, this never dazes or stuns the creature. Once you have used your maddening breath you cannot use it again for 1d4+1 rounds even if you could use your breath weapon more quickly; if you use multiple breath weapons at once (pyrohydra, fivefold breath of Tiamat) your Maddening Breath only applies to one of those breath weapons. If you use an ability that adds a second type of damage to your breath weapon use only the dice of your base breath weapon.

    You suffer a -1 penalty to Wisdom checks and Wisdom based skill checks.

    Rather hamfistedly tried to fix the issues of Five Fold Breath and Breath Weapon Admixture giving high level DFA's 25 Wis damage (too much) and the same to high CR dragons (ok 24, and potentially less) while not stopping you from benefiting from the little +1d bonuses you can pick up. Still for a dragon ads enough Wis damage to be worth it as a debuff (12 on a non-white great wyrm) so that next turn they can cast a Will save or lose to a meaningful effect (usually their DCs are on the low side) and potentially even making their breath a save or lose against the weak willed (Maximize Breath potentially makes it a save or die already, and a few dragons have save or lose breaths to begin with). Meanwhile a DFA can get 5 Wis damage once (maybe twice) a combat which makes it a fairly useful debuff if coupled with a character that targets Will without making it a huge thing that will single-handedly win the battle.

    Code of Tawil At-U’mr [Vile] (Eldest)
    You have been taught one of the fundamental codes of reality by the Most Ancient and Prolonged of Life for reasons that belong to none but that enigmatic entity. By focusing upon it you can insert it into key places to disrupt a spell being cast.
    Prerequisites: Servant of the Old Ones, Int 13+, Spellcraft 11 ranks
    Benefit: Once per day plus once per day per 2 vile feats you possess you may attempt to twist a spell that is being cast as an immediate action. To do so you must first identify the spell being cast and then make a level check against DC 11 + the spell’s caster level. You gain a bonus to this level check equal to the spell level of the spell to be affected. If you succeed on the check you cause the magic to backfire against the spellcaster, making the spell fail as you turn it against them causing them to suffer a penalty based upon the school of the spell they attempted to cast. These minor curses last for 1d4 rounds. If the spell is a dual school spell determine which of its two schools’ curses is applied randomly, if it is Universal roll 1d8 to determine which school it is treated as.
    • Abjuration: The caster suffers a -2 penalty to AC and saves.
    • Conjuration: Any item the caster holds has a 50% chance, rolled each round it is held, of being teleported 10 ft away from the caster in a random direction.
    • Divination: The caster is partially blinded and deafened giving them a -8 penalty on listen, search, and spot checks, and causing all creatures to have concealment to the caster, and areas within shadowy illumination to have total concealment unless viewed with darkvision.
    • Enchantment: The caster has a 50% chance each round of being struck mute for that round rendering them unable to talk.
    • Evocation: The caster takes 3d6 energy damage of a random energy type each round.
    • Illusion: The caster becomes only partially real dealing 70% damage, and spells and abilities they use having only a 70% chance of affecting creatures.
    • Necromancy: The caster suffers a negative level each round, these negative levels fade when the curse fades never becoming permanent level loss.
    • Transmutation: The caster suffers a -4 penalty to their Int, Wis, and Cha.

    This basic fundamental proto-spell comes at a cost however, you suffer a -2 penalty to your caster level for all arcane spells and psionic powers; this does not affect invocations or divine spells.

    I grew up with the older editions and old Fantasy novels where magic was messing with the mathematical code of reality, developing into the computer code as comps became actual things, so when I think fantasy and coding I think spellcasting. So made a feat to add little bits of code to spells to mess them up. Tied it to Yog-Sogthoth because he's appropriate for teaching you these sorts of things, and used the name for one of his more benign forms because it means something synonymous with Eldest.

    Remnant of Sanity [Psychic, Vile] (Eno Remnant)
    Your mad gods have seen fit to leave you with a remnant of your sanity to better serve them. Weaving it into the psychic force of your mind you hold your will in place, releasing yourself into madness when mentally threatened.
    Prerequisites: Servant of the Old Ones, Cha 13+.
    Benefit: When you make a Will save against a mind-affecting effect you may expend your psionic focus to add your Charisma modifier to your saving throw.

    While you maintain your psionic focus you suffer none of the disadvantages of your depravities.

    So I heard you like Charisma to saves. Other than that, just your name (and psionic because ol' Cthu likes him some psionics).

    Psalm of Madness [Bardic Music, Vile] (illayhr)
    You sing a song of praise and glorification of all those things that whisper to your mind and all the horrid delusions that writhe in your brain.
    Prerequisites: Bardic Music, Servant of the Old Ones, Perform 6 ranks, Depravity 1+.
    Benefit: When you use bardic music you may instead sing a Psalm of Madness. This functions the same but any creature hearing you sing suffers 1 point of Wisdom damage per round, once a creature has this song for 5 rounds in a row they become immune to Wisdom damage inflicted this way (even by other psalms of madness) for 2 days. A creature is not aware of this effect unless they succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 12 Bard level + Cha modifier). In addition any creature which listens to this song for 5 rounds and has less depravity than you gains 1 point of depravity.
    Your Inspire Courage (if any) is also irrevocably altered. It no longer has any effect on creatures with a depravity score of 0. It functions normally for creatures with Mild Depravity. For creatures suffering the effects of Moderate Depravity, or which possess the Evil subtype or Undead type, its bonus to saves now applies to all mind-affecting effects and not merely charm and fear. For creatures with Severe Depravity it now grants immunity to Compulsions and Fear and have the other bonuses increased by +1.

    Psalm = Song of praise (usually religious). Do I need to say more for why this was made?

    Words of Binding Corruption [Vile] (khadgar)
    You are able to use conversation to draw a creature into a web of madness, subtly altering their world view as you do so, making them perceive you in the best light possible even as they begin to see the world in a new, darker light
    Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Bluff 6 ranks, Diplomacy 6 ranks.
    Benefit: You gain a +2 profane bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Information checks. In addition by talking to a single humanoid creature for 1 minute you may, 1/day plus 1/day per 3 vile feats you possess, work words of madness and despair into their psyche causing yourself to seem to be a deeply trusted friend even as you work a sense of depravity into their psyche. The target must make a Will save (DC 10 + ½ character level + Charisma modifier) or be affected as if by Charm Person with an indefinite duration. Each day they may make this Will save again to end this effect. While under this effect the target suffers from a random mild depravity. If it lasts for a whole day they begin to suffer from a 2nd mild depravity. On the next day a moderate depravity is added, then on the 4th a 2nd moderate depravity. On the 5th and 6th day a severe depravity is added. In addition every 3 days they remain under this effect they gain 1 point of depravity. A Restoration, Heal, or Greater Restoration spell immediately ends this effect.

    You suffer a -1 penalty to Will saves as your own delusions grow in the shadows of your mind.

    There are only so many ways to do mind-control.

    Step of the Silver Key [Vile] (NeoPhoenix0)
    You move out of phase with the world your steps carrying you between worlds seeming to flicker in and out of existence as you move.
    Prerequisites: Servant of the Old Ones, 1 other feat with Servant of the Old One as a prerequisite, 5 ranks in Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (the planes).
    Benefit: As a free action you may take 2 Wisdom burn which cannot be prevented or reduced in any way, to gain the benefits of Freedom of Movement until the end of your turn, except that it does nothing to allow you to move while paralyzed or immobilized (see Tome of Magic) and does not allow you to escape grapples. You seem to flicker in and out of existence as you move, actually teleporting extremely short distances, and any attacks made against you while you are moving suffer a 50% miss chance. This ability has no effect if you are under the influence of dimensional anchor or in an area where teleportation is impossible.

    FoM is a 40k magic item, this is worse, and comes with a pair of costs (prereqs and Wis burn), but can be used once or twice a day to get you out of critical difficulties.

    Pleasure of Corruption [Vile] (Red Fel)
    Succumbing to your corruptive influence is oddly pleasurable, a taste leaving a creature permanently touched.
    Prerequisites: Diplomacy 4 ranks, Corruption or Depravity Score of 4+, ability to cast spells or use spell-like abilities, and Servant of the Old Ones or Disciple of Darkness.
    Benefit: When a creature fails a saving through against Charm or Compulsion spell you cast they feel a strangely maddening pleasure. If they have less depravity than ½ your Charisma score they gain a point of depravity. In addition you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks against any creature which has ever failed a Will save against a Charm or Compulsion spell you have cast and they suffer a -2 penalty to future saving throws against such spells.

    I feel like this is cheating somehow. Mostly in that it really could have just been a Vile feat (swap out the Servant/Disciple prereq with Spell Focus (Enchantment) and remove the Taint bit. Still it lets you corrupt. It makes obedience pleasurable, weakening their will and making them more likely to listen to you when you tell them you did nothing, because they oh so want to believe you. Works best with Heroism, it's technically Will negates and when they choose to fail to gain the benefits... well. Mechanically it's a bit minor, drive people slightly crazy but not going to change the tide of combat and actually makes using it on your allies less of a good idea, but it helps if you meet up with someone again or have to deal with people dispelling your domination or Charm and it stacks with Spell Focus/Ability Focus.

    Sword of Devoted Madness [Vile] (VoodooPaladin)
    Your spirit burns with madness, and when you strike foes down with your devotion you infect them with your madness.
    Prerequisites: Servant of the Old Ones, ability to use Devoted Spirit maneuvers.
    Benefit: When you damage a creature with a Devoted Spirit strike it must make a Will save (DC 10 + Maneuver level + your Cha modifier) or gain a random Severe Derangement for 1 minute. In addition if they are Good aligned they take 2 Wisdom damage if they fail their save, or if they are Good aligned but match your alignment on the Law/Chaos axis they take the Wisdom damage even on a successful save. If they are suffering under a derangement due to this feat’s effects they cannot gain a second from it, but any Wisdom damage is still dealt.

    Martial Madness + Halloween Harvest + Paladin + Madness.

    Kaijin Mask (caledscratcher)
    Transmutation [Evil]
    Level: Bard 3, Cleric 4, Druid 4, Player in Yellow 3, Thrall of Shub-Niggurath 4, Sor/Wiz 3.
    Components: V, S, Thrall
    Casting Time: 1 Standard action.
    Range: Personal.
    Target: You.
    Duration: 1 minute/caster level (D)

    Throwing your arms wide, you roar out and call the dark powers of your masters into your body, transforming you into an aberrant kaijin filled with the rage of destruction.

    When you cast this spell you transform into a kaijin, your body growing, strange bulk and shifting face leaving you looking inhuman. You type changes to aberration, you gain a +2 enhancement to natural armor, a +4 to Strength, 2 temporary hit points per CL, and you are considered one-sized category larger than you actually are whenever it would be beneficial although your space and reach do not change. You gain a pair of natural slam attacks dealing 1d8 damage (if you are medium sized without this effect) which can be used as primary natural weapons and overcome DR as if magic and evil. However this comes at a price, as you enter a barbarian like rage and cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except for Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Ride), the Concentration skill, or any abilities that require patience or concentration, nor can he cast spells or activate magic items that require a command word, a spell trigger (such as a wand), or spell completion (such as a scroll) to function.
    For every 9 caster levels you possess the bonus to Strength increases by +2 and the enhancement bonus to natural armor increases by +1 to a maximum of +8 and +4 respectively.

    Don't know Magical Girls much (and PMMM witches were a bit too hard to represent), and it's hard to build something vile out of a Rider (I mean there are evil riders all the time but it'd still feel weird) so I went with the villains of the show. The kaijin are pretty lovecraftian in at least the shows I've seen and definitely could be played for (cosmic) horror.

    Summon Yithian Rifle (illven)
    Conjuration (Summoning)
    Level: Cle 4, Sor/Wiz 3.
    Components: V, S, F, Thrall
    Casting Time: 1 Standard action.
    Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 caster levels).
    Effect: 1 yithian lightning gun.
    Duration: 10 minutes/caster level (D)

    You summon a lightning gun from the fabled world of Yith.

    A yithian rifle appears at a location of your choosing within range. It is a medium sized weapon weighing 10 lbs, with a range increment of 30 ft and deals 3d6 electricity damage per attack (x2 crit). It is considered a simple weapon and attacks with a yithian rifle are ranged touch attacks. A yithian rifle may hit incorporeal creatures as if they were ghost touch weapons. When summoned a yithian rifle has 2 shots per caster level after which it is dead of charge. Due to its weight the yithian rifle can be used in melee as a two handed weapon dealing 1d8 damage (x2 crit) with normal melee attacks as a simple weapon. However if you hit a creature in melee with a yithian rifle that still holds charge you must roll 1d10 on a 1 it releases a shot dealing 2d6 electricity damage to the wielder and the attacked creature.

    Focus: A piece of amber.

    Summon Yithian Rifle, Mass (illven)
    Conjuration (Summoning)
    Level: Cle 8, Sor/Wiz 7.
    Components: V, S, F, Thrall
    Casting Time: 1 Standard action.
    Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 caster levels).
    Effect: 1 yithian lightning gun/caster level.
    Duration: 10 minutes/caster level (D)

    You summon a pile of lightning guns from the fabled world of Yith.

    This functions as Summon Yithian Rifle (above) but it summons 1 rifle/caster level.

    And this is just cheating. I mean yeah it's vaguely Lovecraftian in that it summons weapons from Lovecraft and even makes a nod that they were used to fight incorporeal creatures, but it's really doesn't fit the themes of the Thralls stuff. Also it's a summoning spell to summon objects. Then there's the it's you because it is future tech weapons that you can give your minions which is...

    Curse of Shared Delusion (Jormengand)
    Enchantment (Compulsion) [Evil, Mind-Affecting]
    Level: Bard 1, Cleric 2, Player in Yellow 1, Thrall of Shub-Niggurath 2, Sor/Wiz 1.
    Components: V, S, F, Thrall
    Casting Time: 1 Standard action.
    Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels).
    Target: 1 creature.
    Duration: Permanent.
    Saving Throw: Will negates.
    Spell Resistance: Yes.

    Holding up the strange pattern you present it to your foe letting them gaze into the ink-drawing and have their mind filled with the madness within, with your madness.

    When you cast this spell the target must make a Will save or gain all depravity effects you possess. They do not actually gain your depravity score, merely gaining the disadvantageous effects of mild, moderate, and severe depravity you possess. This spell cannot be dispelled by dispel magic, a remove curse spell (or stronger) is required to remove its powerful magic.

    If this spell remains on a target for a whole week they must begin making Will saves each day to avoid gaining 1 point of depravity until their depravity equals yours when you cast it.

    I associate you with curses, and madness + depravity as a representation of that madness is a running theme with the Thralls stuff.
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