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    Red Fel, the Prince of Imps

    Vestige Level: 3rd.
    Binding DC: 22

    Although only a lesser member of the Infernal Court compared to the Lords of the Nine, as a unique arch fiend of Baator Red Fel is able to offer soulbinders the ability to draw upon a fraction of his power as an Infernal Pact.

    Red Fel, known as the Prince of Imps, and the Silver Corrupter, is one of the demonic nobles (merely a count not a true prince) of Nessus, the 9th Pit of Baator. As the fiend in charge of oversight of one of the primary varieties of diabolic corrupters Red Fel always keeps keen observations on chances to corrupt. As such he is particularly keen to offer his services to creatures which are neither Lawful nor Evil.

    Manifestation: Red Fel does not appear himself, instead an imp forms over the seal, floating there only partially summoned. It is this impís sole purpose to act in these negotiations for its master, making the pact in his stead.

    Sign: Your hair vanishes leaving you bald even as your skin takes on a reddish tint like that of an impís, your ears extending into points.

    Influence: While under Red Felís influence you find violence as something to be disdained, and must attempt to talk you way past any obstacle before resorting to such contemptuous methods.

    Granted Powers: Red Fel grants you the ability to make your words worm into the minds of foes, access the information of diabolic spy networks, invoke ancient pacts of protection, and gain rewards for acts of mercilessness and evil.

    Impís Whispers: While Red Fel is bound you gain the ability to offer a creature a suggestion. This function as the spell of the same name except that it lasts only 1 minute per level instead of 1 hour per level. If a creature successfully saves against this effect they become immune to your Impís Whispers for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting compulsion. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

    Obedience is Rewarded: Whenever you perform an evil act with the self-justification that the ends are worth the deed you gain a +1/5 EBL (min +1) morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws for 2 hours or until this pact ends. Torturing an unwilling and unsuspecting victim just to fuel this ability so you can save some peasants counts. I killed those baby goblins so I could kill the dragon and save the princess, her life is more valuable than theirs, she has the power to sway the country and avert civil war.

    Whispers of Knowledge: In addition to being the corruptors of Hell, imps comprise a large part of their spy services. While Red Fel is bound you gain a +6 competence bonus to Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Knowledge (religion), and Knowledge (the planes) checks and may make such checks untrained.

    Safety in Technicality: You are protected by ancient pacts. As long as you have not directly acted to attempt and damage or kill a creature (including ability damage or anything that reduces a targetís ability scores, max hp, or directly offers them penalties to AC or any sort of rolls) within the last 24 hours, you gain a +1/5 EBL (min +1) profane bonus to AC against their attacks. Ordering another creature to harm them is not directly attempting to harm them.
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