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    So my expanded signature outgrew itself....

    So here goes Expanded Signature Part 2 - GiantITP Regulars as Sig Bloat

    GiantITP Regulars as...
    Some names mispelled due to it being work to find all of these already and tracking down the person's full name instead of the shortened fantasy equivalent is more work.
    Spells: 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6
    Wondrous Items: Threadnaught, Extra Anchovies, IZ42, Blackhawk Elric Altovera, Loyal Paladin, Milov3, Snowbluff, Xuldarinar, WhamBamSam, Marlowe, Red Fel, Prufock, Atemu1234, Unseenmage, Eggynack, Karl Aegis, Psybomb and NeoPhoenix, Socratov, Inuyasha, LordGareth, Jormengand, Ashtagon, Dirty cheating cheater, Illyahr twice, Segev twice, Honest Tiefling Twice, Lug the Almighty, Svata, Invader... could have missed some.
    Maneuvers: Lord Gareth, Illyahr, Blackhawk, NeoPhoenix, Ilorin, Quirky Miniboss Squad, Threadnaught (highly sloppy), Loyal Paladin twice, Extra Anchovies, Scrambled Brains, Talya, Seerow
    ACFs/Archetypes: LoyalPaladin and Bad Wolf, More Loyal Paladin, Jormengand, NeoPhoenix, Eggynack, The Playground, Marlowe, Socratov, Milo v3, Extra Anchovies, Blackhawk748, WhamBamSam, Illyahr, Ericaltovilla, Endaire, NeoPhoenix, Socratov, Threadnaught.
    Magic Weapons: LoyalPaladin, Red Fel, Seerow, IZ42, Judge Worm, Laughing Dog and Inuyasha, Morph Bark.
    Vestige (missed the thread for these): IZ42.
    Feat (almost missed this one): SithHappens
    PrCs: SaintHeart, Threadnaught, IZ42, RedMage125, atemu1234, Avatar of Vecna, kellbyb, Snowbluff, Xuldarinar, Amphetryon, Socratov.
    Elder Evils: Extra Anchovies, Red Fel, NeoPhoenix, AmberVael, IZ42, Tadkins, Xuldarinar, Marlowe, WamBamSam, Leliel, Socratov, Blackhawk748, ScrambledBrains.
    Templates: NeoPhoenix0, torrasque666, Jormengand, LoyalPaladin, tadkins.
    Domains: Jormengand, Snowbluff, Socratov, IZ42, Red Fel, Draconium, NeoPhoenix0, LoyalPaladin, Unseenmage, Segev, Blackhawk748, Xuldarinar, Fine Dining, VirusInk, Eldan, kellbyb, Lug the Janitor, Bakkan, Me, a name I call myself, illyahr, Atemu1234, spikeof2010, Fearan, illven, Atom Burster, Seto, khadgar, Debihuman, Temotei, Extra Anchovies.
    Planes: Xuldarinar, Socratov.

    Initiate of the Golden Wyrm (PP)

    Not Mine but About Me
    Zaydos' Staff of Creation by IZ42
    Zaydos's Improvised Brewing by PsyBomb
    Dragon Lord by IZ42.
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