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    Default Illyahr the Lost Troubadour (Vestige, Request)

    Illyahr, the Lost Troubadour

    Illyahr was a bard of legendary skill and renown, who did all he could to hide from the adoration he had obtained.
    Vestige Level: 3rd.
    Binding DC: 21.
    Special Requirement: You must have at least 2 ranks Perform (song), or Perform (any instrument).

    Legend: Illyahr is said to have been born and ordinary birth, and lived an ordinary life till his skill with the lute was discovered. The boy became a figure of note, his music propelling him from an ordinary life into a life among princes. Still Illyahrís music was beyond compare, a true prodigy of the art, and his star rose.

    Eventually his skill attracted the attention of the gods themselves, and Illyahr found himself the court minstrel to a deity. For a time he was happy as such, his life spanning far further than a mortalís right. But he grew tired of such a position, yet the god would have no part of the bardís leaving. Still Illyahr had set his mind to the task. One day he escaped the godís realm.

    The rest of his life was one of hiding, of pretending, of playing to be nothing more than common, but always eventually he would sing and take up the lute again and his performance would shatter all illusions that he was an ordinary person and his pursuers would be close on his heels once more.

    Eventually it was no longer about the gentle ordinariness of life, no longer about his freedom, just his escape. That was when Illyahr fled into the deepest depths of reality and vanished entirely only later to be rediscovered as a vestige.

    Manifestation: Illyahr has no visual manifestation. Only the sound of his lute can be heard as if distantly, many a note lost to the emptiness, and then his voice in echoes of whispered song.

    Sign: Illyahrís sign is in no ways visual, instead you lose the ability to speak normally, saying everything in a singing tone and rhythm instead of talking.

    Influence: While under Illyahrís influence you are torn between a desire for attention and obscurity. If no one is paying attention to you, you must make yourself the center of attention. Conversely if you are the center of attention for more than 1 minute you must seek a way to escape the focus of others.

    Granted Powers: Illyahr grants you the ability to disappear from the same sorts of magical detection which were used to hunt him as he fled his patron, the ability to produce music and stir the heart with it, to flee from blows, and to tap into his bardic knowledge.

    Clever Dodge: A bard knows when to stand and fight, and when too to run. When the later comes they know to do it in style. When you are attacked you may gain a +3 dodge bonus +1/5 EBL against that attack. If it misses you, then you may teleport to a square up to 30 ft directly away from the source of the attack to which you have line of sight and line of effect. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

    Illyahrís Knowledge: While Illyahr is bound you may access some of the bardic knowledge he possessed in life. You may make a check similar to Bardic Music except instead of using your Bard level + your Intelligence modifier you use your EBL + your Charisma modifier Ė 6 as the knowledge comes not from your learning but your ability to extort it from the bound vestige.

    Natural Performer: You gain some of the troubadourís skill and talent. While Illyahr is bound you gain a +4 competence bonus to Perform (song) and any instrumental Perform (wind/string/etc).

    Songs of the Troubadour: As a standard action begin singing or playing a song (free action thereafter). Creatures which hear this song for 2 rounds suffer effects. All such songs are mind-affecting effects. Once you end a song you must wait 5 rounds to begin another one.
    While you do not need to spend an action to concentrate on this song, if you take damage you must make a DC 15 + damage taken Concentration check, and if you otherwise encounter situations which would force concentration checks for actions which require Concentration you must make one.
    • Song of Vigor: Allies which hear this song gain 1 temp hp per 3 EBL each round, these temp hp last until you stop singing and 5 rounds thereafter (they do not stack with each other, though).
    • Whip of the Will: Enemies within 30 ft which hear this song take 1d4 Charisma damage each round.
    • Song of Defensive Alertness: Allies which hear this song gain a +2 morale bonus to Listen, Spot, Initiative, Reflex saves, and a +2 dodge bonus to AC. This lasts 5 rounds after you stop singing.
    • Lulling Song: Creatures which hear this song suffer a -2 penalty to Will saves, as well as a -1/3 EBL penalty to Listen, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. This lasts 5 rounds after you stop singing.

    Stage Hand or Star: It is hard to notice the stage hand, social convention rendering them invisible. So too is the role of the supporting player. While Illyahr is bound you take on this role protecting you from magical detection. You, and items you carry, produce no auras to any detect spell, and are immune to detect thoughts. Supernatural abilities which specifically copy these abilities also fail to affect you. However you may end this benefit at any time as a standard action to move to the stage as a star. Little seems to change, except your bearing, but you stand now as a main player, a position which demands respect, forcing any enemy within 30 ft that can see you to make a Will save or be dazed for 1 round. Once you have become a Star it requires 10 minutes of concentration to regain this ability.

    For Contractors: Illyahrís granted invocation is Beguiling Influence.

    With Bind Vestige: Illyahr grants Natural Performer if bound through the (Improved) Bind Vestige feat, and Stage Hand or Star if bound through the Practiced Binder feat.
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