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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Thanks Eldonauran! RL has been taxing- My new life partner, her pregnancy (She's now 21 weeks pregnant), preparing for the future, My internship, and more... I'm mentioning this because this didn't only affect my ability to write the log, but alongside other matters, it has affected the game considerably.

    This will be the last session logged for a while. For reasons I'll explain after the session is logged, we re taking a hiatus of the campaign, for an unknown time. We are trying out something new (I'll talk about it later). I have wondered whether or not to write a log for this session (As the last session seemed a good stopping point), but this is not just a story log, but a game group log, and as such, I thought I should include it. I will talk about the discussions, reasons, decisions and future, after this session's log. With that said, it is time for the session itself...

    Session 25, Part 1- Last dealings with Nocticula, boons and departing

    At the end of the last session, the party just won the negotiations, after finally redeeming Arulashee. We've started with the ending scene:

    Nocticula spoke: "You have spoken, and spoken well. Yet none of your arguments interest me. I have no real interest in your struggle. I will join no side. As to the mine..."
    Here Areelu Vorlesh stepped forth. "You may not join our alliance Lady in Shadow, but the mine will stay! We shall pay you tribute, and but do not incur the wrath of Deskari!"
    Nocticula continued. "I will leave the mine be, as long as I get my fare share of the crystals, and the secrets of refining it. I WILL come collecting!"
    Nocticula waved them away. "And now, our business is at end. you will leave now, to your respective planes. I will assure your safety out, but from then, you are on your own. Do not disturb me further!" With that, Nocticula turned, and started descending once more, into the pool of Midnight Sky...

    Vorlesh just smiled a tight little smile. "See you soon..." and turned to the other demons, having them make haste, following their Lilith. The party's Lilith bowed to them, and motioned them to follow her.

    The party talked amongst themselves. They were quite unsure of what to do now.
    Andera: "We go back to Golarion now? We still need to get to the mines!"
    Sena was worried about something else: "I think we may have assassins on our tail- Nocticula assured our safety here, but I bet Vorlesh was not pleased... She said she'll see us soon. We need to be prepared!"
    Julian though commented: "I agree, but I think it's not over yet... We'll get to the chambers and think out strategy."
    Sena inquired of the Lilith: "Can we buy things here? We would like to exchange some of our loot."
    The Lilith was amused "The Palace of Silken Shadows holds many artificers, makers, and bounty from all of creation. You will be given freedom to pursue your... mercantile endeavors."
    Sena though had another question: "Would I be able to contact Shamira?"
    This surprised me (and the rest), but Lilith responded. "I will be able to convey a message to her. Whether she decides to meet respond or not, is The Ardent Dream's decision".

    But in their own chambers, a surprise awaited- Nocticula was waiting for them...

    Tell the truth, Sena's player quite expected it as well. "So, now we really talk with her!" Nocticula stood in the luxurious quarters, her robe of mists and shadows wrapped around her form. As she spoke, a bit of her formality and distance were lessened, her voice was a bit more personal, a bit... "You have impressed me. Which along the eons, the times, have been... rare… In return, I have come to educate you, thank you, and assist you, in a small manner at least."
    Julian spoke directly " What sort of assistance? Material assistance? For we could really use your help in this war."
    Sena also wished to speak. "What is your goal in this?"
    Yet Nocticula started pacing, and answered their inquiries in her own way. "I cannot act against Deskari directly at this time (Sena: "THIS time?"), for Vorlesh threat was not an idle one."
    Andera burst. "Why not? You're the demon lord of assassinations after all!"
    Nocticula continued pacing, speaking in a level tone. "Yes, yet it is not an easy matter. It will not be easy to just... assassinate, and my plane may suffer greatly, had I even contemplated about it. Deskari's form is not quite easy to assassinate..."
    Julian inquired "Explain please."
    Nocticula came to the sofa, and in one fluid motion sat on it. "All divine beings, demon lords included, shape, and are shaped, by he concepts and ideas they affect. I take the form of a seductress, Baphomet takes the form of a cunning minotaur, and Deskari? Deskari is the devouring swarm. It is Hunger given form, and as his influence grew ,so did the many demon vermin composing it's hive mind. Not to mention the ever growing vast armies it gathers. In the past century, his forces has been gathering more and more demons to his army ,with the lure of invading Golarion a great appeal."
    Sena grimaced learning's this, but Andera was boastful. "So what! His "Vast Armies" couldn't beat the crusade for a whole century! We shall beat them!"
    Nocticula raised an eyebrow. "You think those were it's armies? Then I DO need to educate you. You see, while the Worldwound enables demons to travel to Golarion by means other than summoning, it is volatile, and dangerous to those who pass it, the stronger the demon, the deadlier the portal. So most of what you see are weaker demons. yes, some powerful ones have managed it, but the vast majority of the armies..." here she paused, then reached and lifted a bottle of champagne, and shook it slightly. "The bottle is The Rasping Rifts, Deskair's plane.". She made her fingernail elongate, to a pin point, and pierced the cork down. A slight fizzly liquid bubbled through the hole. "This is the Worldwound, and it's affect on your world." She then pulled the cork free, and the champagne rushed out, and overflowed over her hand. "And this is what will happen, if the Worldwound raptures entirely..."
    Julian spoke "So that's Vorlesh' plan? To tear up the Worldwound?" Yet Sena had another theory "I think she is playing Deskari. I think she wishes to sap power from the gods, and become one herself! She's just using it's powers."
    Nocticula nodded. "It may be. I do not know of the Witch's motivations, yet she does seem to have... her own plans. Of mortals, she is indeed a very, very cunning one. She was the one who suggested and incorporated Baphomet's help. A hired cunning. Yet their alliance has had... problems, since you have come and undid a lot of the Minotaur Lord's work. Yet your point, Sena, may have some merit. Did you even think, why they approached ME? There are hundreds of demons lords, more approachable ones. Did you consider this?"
    Julian replied almost instantly. She seemed to have thought about it. "They wish you to assassinate the gods themselves." Nocticula nodded. "That would be my guess. Now, which god?" Julian continued. "Iomedae probably."
    Nocticula rose, and started pacing again. "That would be my guess as well, though we never quite talked about the exact "assistance" they wished for their prizes. Iomedae has taken the mantle of divinity following the death of her god- Aroden, the god of humanity, a bit more than a century ago. Deskair managed to get to Golarion a short time before that, yet it was killed by Aroden, killed on that plane... A Demon Lord can fully die only if killed on it's own plane. Yet I'd wager that Deskari would fear committing his entire forces, itself, to Golarion, before Aroden's successor was... dealt with. And of all the gods, Iomedae is the one still sticking to her natural form the most, the one who has meta morphed into the form of her ideals the least..."

    Spoiler: On the "Plot exposition"
    I felt this was a good point to bring the party into the "bigger scope" of things. They have just dealt well with inter planar politics, and so in my eyes, they were in "The Big League", and should be treated as such.

    Now, expositions can be hard- You need to keep the players from tuning out. My idea was to write to myself a few key info bits I wished to deliver (Why she can't act, Deskari's form, Deskari's armies, the limitations of the Worldwound, Vorlesh having another plan and such). and start a conversation. I gave some info, and within it some open questions, and let the party try to lead it. Thankfully my party took a good interest, and pursued the conversation. It felt more of them inquiring, then her info-dumping on them.

    Gratitude of Nocticula
    This felt heavy to the party, and they went into a a bit of silence, contemplating. Nocticula's eyes however came to rest on Arulashee, with her new silvered eyes, and tall posture. "Hmmmm... And you, my child, have probably intrigued me the most. Come here, I would like to take a look at you, one of my own." Arulashee gasped for a moment, feeling a pull form the demon lord, yet Sena instinctively came between them "Leave her be!" (The party was surprised "you got the balls to stand up to a demon lord?!") Nocticula released her "I was just... curious. I would love to see what will become of her,how she will develop, I would love her to come to stay in my palace, as an adviser, a companion. She is... something new, unexpected, a precedence..."
    Yet Arulashee had her won mind to speak. "I am not yours. I am my own. Now fully, more than ever before. Yet this is not the end, but a beginning. Now I must choose my path. I... am not sure what I will choose. I will think it through."

    Nocticula smiled, and turned to the rest. "Before we continue, I wish to thank you each." She spoke to them in the order they faced in the negotiations.
    First, she turned to Andera. "You spoke that in Darkness you will find opportunity, a challenge, a possibility to make things better, and the element of surprise. You speak the words of defiant hope. At the time, I was more moved by The Worldwound witch arguments, as she also understands other aspects of it. But for you, your crusade, those words may serve well. You bring your hope inside of you, instead of outside sources, though you explain it a bit more poorly... (Andera: "Damned diplomacy roll!" ) People may listen to you less than your comrades, but keep giving your counsel, for it is wiser in ways than most. And keep watching the shadows…"
    Andera just responded "Thank you."
    Nocticula continued "I must say when the Lilith informed me of your desires during the break in negotiations, I was surprised. It is not an easy thing to do- to both seek but solace, and then to coem back from it, after having tasted it. Most people who reach your power, who are active enough and seek to change the world, do not seek to just to relax, and let all be well. You are a man of action, and most such men thrive in it, and are not well suited to live in the world that they wish to make... While your friends sought an advantage, it was your request that inspired me the most…" Here Nocticula for a moment closed her eyes, and sighed. "An end to battle, to relax. I have met many heroes in the past, yet few ones has yet charmed me such in their requests." She smield at him, warmly, and caressed his cheek for a moment, a silken touch. "And most who do taste… of my pleasures… never cease. It is refreshing to find a person of enough self will and vision to propel him out of what he WANTS to do, to what he NEEDS to do."
    Andera was a bit speechless, yet then managed to crack a wiry smile and respond "This is an endless struggle, sometimes you need to relax... before you die."

    Nocticula nodded smiling, and then turned to Mad Dog: "For one who says he is poor with words, you make good use of those you have. I have heard you were tainted by demon rage before, and yet here you speak with honesty, humility, and simplicity. Some mistake simple for stupid, yet you have shown it is not so. Many would boast, call of their power, their greatness, their self-importance to me, especially against such rivals. Yet you do not fall to the bait… This too impressed me nicely. And you have the courage to call up dragons from the sky, and speak up to balor generals from the abyss, and not flinch back. This…" She smiled a mischievous smile "greatly amuses me. I will watch your clashing of swords…"
    Mad Dog just nodded. "And clash we shall."
    Nocticula's face turned curious. "I must ask though- When I offered you all a delight of the palace, was there nothing that you wanted, or did you fear that my palace offers will somehow entrap you?"
    Mad Dog answered simply, and beautifully. "A man should know his limits... and his temptations."

    Nocticula nodded, and turned to Sena:
    "As Caslitria's disciple, I ws not sure if I'd even let you inside my palce. I do not like having the followers of vengeance come here. It makes for poor judgement, poor decisions, but this was… a special case…"
    Sena grew tense. "Well, at the moment I joined her cause it was a moment of great weakness, a sacrifice. (He explained the scene on Drezen' Tower again, where he turned from Sarenrae to Calistria) I thought that some must be sacrificed for others to be saved. I thought it was a revelation, now I see it as a burden."
    Nocticula continued "You have told me of a secret, of a tome, of Paradox. Now that we are here, alone, I would like to see it.
    The party was alarmed, they didn't want to do this. Yet, they didn't wish to piss her either. Grudgingly, Andera pulled the Lexicon of Paradox out of his holding bag.
    Nocticula's gaze was expressionless, yet her words surprised the party. "It has been awhile".
    Julian: "Just how long has it been?"
    Nocticula raised an eyebrow: "How long? If that is your question then it shows you do not fully understand. But this is not the time. Please, put it back." Andera did this, thoguh the party was confused.
    Nocticula turned to Sena again. "Paradox… the impossible possible. But You have made yourself an avatar of that. But for what purpose? This can be for good, and worse. It was used by Areelu Vorlesh herself, who followed it's teachings and opened the Worldwound. You follow it as well. Will you be as her? Do you even understand what is the paradox? What does it… want?"
    Sena thought for a moment: "I think I am in the path of learning. I do not understands it fully. I am on the path… It will be arrogant to presume that I understand the way of paradox. And Areelu Vorlesh herself doens't fully understands it. But... I am from the other side of the coin…"
    Nocticula let it be. "As to the secret you wish to understand- to understand love… I'll give you a chance." She smiled, taking a glimpse at Arulashhe. "Though speaking as one who dealt with love extensively, perhaps that's the one secret that's better left unknown."
    She finished with Sena saying one thing "As to the favor of the gods. I do intend to collect it."

    She then turned to Julian: "In talking about Desire, your words... take considering. You tread a difficult path- Great power, and the thought of doing good, yet with deadly means. You have spoke of power to fulfill your vision, of desire to be the one pulling the strings, to hold to no one but yourself. In none of these have you spoken of your followers, of your people. Do you know how they fare... goddess? How has things been on Golarion since you've left?"
    Julian did not like being reprimanded " I don't know… As one who came from the mud of the streets, I know of the poor and deprived. Therefore improving my cause will improve their cause. I came not from a palace."
    Nocticula still pushed on. "And yet the means to your end... You react in anger, and with deadly means. Think about it. More rely on your actions, then you and your party alone."
    Julian fumed a bit.
    Nocticula continued: "As to your offer- You seek to teach me. I have already made a transformation long ago. I know some about it. But in transforming to the divine, you lose some of the self. As you influence your aspects, your ideals, you also partly become them, merge with them. You are less your own. Do you understand that?"
    (She went on explaining a bit about the 3 types of divine beings, and the transition into more cosmic powers, and less of self). The new gods though, the mortals become gods, are a bit different, so it may differ in your case as well. Iomedae, for example, holds her humanity close to her, and strive to keep it. Yet be warned- such transitions changes your very being, ties you to it.
    Julian didn't fully like what she heard. "Thanks for the warning. I'll need to think about it."

    Spoiler: Nocticula's gratitude
    I wanted to have the players know a bit what she thought of their arguments and offers. I thought Andera did quite well, despite being the first to negotiate, and having the bad luck of facing Vorlesh. I wanted to boot Mad Dog's confidence aout speaking up, as he did great job I think, and we loved his roleplay last session. As to Sena and Julian, who were more "roleplay heavy", and had big issues to deal with, I wanted to show that these were considered, even by a demon lord.

    On assistance, boons, and last days in the Palace
    Having thanked them, Nocticula turned more business like again. "And now for my assistance. While I cannot ct against Deskari and Baphomet directly. I know of the mine, but due to Vorlesh threat, I cannot be seen to be involved in it. But you can.... You have proven resourceful, and have managed to surprise many... So, if you "happen" to find the mine on your own, nd put an end to it? Well... That is all for the best. When you have rested, and finished here, I will show you a path, a fast path, by the shadow paths my Lilith use, to get to the island of Colphyr, where the mine operates, within the transformed heart of Colphyr, the demon lord of poisoned waters and dragons. When you re done, ask for me, and I will open the way there."

    "Also, as part of my gratitude, I will offer you each a boon, if you wish. Surprise me... A gift, no strings attached." (I discussed with the party this will be about the same power of a wish spell, but if possible, more with story/ flvor purposes). The party thanked her, and said they will think of it.

    With that, Nocticula departed. I thought the party will rest for a "night", and will depart, but the party wished to use the palace facilities, mostly to buy/ craft stuff. They figured out (Correctly), that the palace will be the best chance to upgrade their equipment. Lilith enabled them to contact the master artificers and some master merchants. The group spent some time handling loot. I'm writing some of their purchases and such in the spoiler for those interested.

    Spoiler: Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! Craft!
    First of all, The Battle Bliss ring master's loot:

    Mithral +2 glamoured, headband of cha +4, gloves of storing, cloak of resistance +4, various wands, bag of holding +3 with some money. They sold most of it, though Andera kept the gloves of Storing, putting his second magical Wakizashi in it.
    Apparently they haven't allocated nearly any loot since the start of the module (Including the fane. That long? ) After selling tons of stuff (Including the ring of telekenisis? Really?) each got 52,437.5 gp.
    Improvements and purchases made:
    - Julian: improves Brilliance to +6 int and improved her belt another +2 to con.
    - Mad Dog: buys a ring of inner fortitude minor. And improves his dwarf belt with +2 str, +2 dex.
    - Andera merged some belts to +6 dex,+4 str,+4 con
    - Sena: improved headband to +6 wis, +4 int, +2 cha, bought a malleable symbol (His got destroyed on Valzgar), improved his armor bonus to +4 and improved his belts +2 con.
    - They spend quite some resources on diamonds and such, expecting ressurections...
    - At the end Julian has but 5 gold left... [/Spoiler]

    While in the palace, a few more noteworthy things took place:
    - A matter of style!"Sena had an idea for new clothes for his order (Uniform?), Which are basically high quality white robes and tunics, They are inspired by the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood clothes (We didn't play the game, but he loved the pics and traieler he's seen). Each uniform has a place for a personalized symbol on the shoulder and a bit in the fore front. His symbol is the wing (Such as in the pic) He bought one for himself, and 4 more (The others and Arulashee).

    Spoiler: Sena's order uniform pics! (From Assassin's Creed)

    - A matter of trumpet: The party wonders what to do with the Book of Infinite Spells (A minor artifact they found on Lady Vallexia). Sena comes up with an idea, the rest of the party agrees with. He asks Lilith to send Shamira a message "Am artifact, for a broken archon's trumpet (That they rescued under the Battle Bliss Arena). A day later The Lilith brings him a package, with a long object in it, wrapped in cloth. He gives her the book, and opens the cloth. Inside there is the trumpet, but a few words glimmer in the air above it "Look above you!" he looks up, when a meteor swarm descends on him. He suffers the damage, but lives. More words appear "Just cause I like you!" He grumbles at Shamira's... sense of humor, though the rest of the party laughs ("I can't believe we STILL don't look for traps!") as he gets the archon's trumpet. (I was fast improvising this, knowing well that he'll survive this. Also, there is a story behind Shamira as well...) Sena sends her a message: "Thank you!"

    - A matter of Arulashee: After some meditation and reflection, Arulashee calls the party to consult with them.
    Arulashee: Now that I have... awoken.. .fully, I need to consider my path. You have all helped me greatly along, so I would wish to hear you. I have thought of it- though I have enjoyed your company, I think in your path, I may prove more of a hindrance. Your future deals with great powers, some of which I am not sure I can handle, and I may be a liability, as was proven with Minhago. I will continue to follow you, if you wish, and help as best I can. But... It may be that now, I need to guide myself, and use my awakening on a different path.
    Julian seems to have thought of this as well. "You know yourself, and you will know your path. I have full confidence in you. If you want my advice? There is a war going on. Go join the queen, or the forces of Drezen. They will need such a great warrior as you, with such knowledge of demons, and an inspiration.
    Andera added his thoughts. "You can make the best effect with the tieflings- They too wish to change, and they can. You can show them how."
    Arulashee hugged him. "Thank you, you saved me once, and saved me again, from my darkest, We shall remain friends. Taking out your message of hope against the darkness."
    She asked Mad Dog's advice, but he didn't know what to add.
    Lastly, she turned to Sena: "You guided me through faith, and your new vision. You have guided me through devotion, hope, and love. What do you think?"
    Sena was perplexed: "It is strange that now, after all of the changes that you made, you seek our decision?"
    Arulashee responded. "I do not seek your decision, but your opinions, as valued friends."
    Sena spoke thoughtfully: "If so, it is extremely odd, that the process Andera started with the tiefligns, affected me as well. It seems both of us have the same vision. Maybe it seems like I don't like Andera, we are different people, yet I admire him, and what he has done, and I think his idea was the best one, I would vote for his idea as well."
    Arulashee smiled, and hugged Sena tightly. "I will go to Drezen, they will see a succubus, but a changed succubus. I no longer hide. I will be myself!"
    Julian was worried. "Ok... But I think we should send them before you go."
    She hugs each one in turn, and kisses each on the forehead, except for Sena, which she kisses passionately, lovingly on the lips. She speaks to them all "This is my gift, you can contact me through it, no matter the distance." (Mechanics wise- this is the changed Arulashee's anarchic gift power as described in the 3rd module. I decide that the +2 stat bonus can't go to the highest attribute. Sena adds to charisma. Mad Dog to Constitution. Julian to Wisdom. Andera also gains charisma.)

    Arulashee then takes Sena by the hand, into more private chambers. "The Lady of Shadow has given us a night here, before we depart. it has been a long time coming, has it not?"
    Alone, Sena is quite... surprisingly awkward of the intimacy. "I wish to give you gifts. The first of your new place, the second more... personal." First, he gives her one of the new uniforms, which she loves and promises to wear when she comes ot Drezen, as a messenger for his vision. He is a bit quiet, thoughtful before presenting the second gift."I want to give you something that is very dear to me. He was my Mentor, and he showed me the way from when I was a child to whom I was before Drezen. This is the only material possession I have from him. As it helped me, I hope it will help you." With great reverence, he places John's holy symbol in her hands. Arulashee is a bit shocked, gets a bit teary ,and gives him a strong, loving embrace.
    Sena, still awkward, starts mumbling upon her new way, the vision, and so, but she quickly shushes him. "We have been through that, and there will be time in the future. For now, let us love. We have this rare time, this one night, to be with each other. Shall we?" Sena, for once, his stumped for words.
    The rest happens behind the scenes, not for this log... We agreed that is is not smutty, but loving, and that Sena is quite bit too self aware, a bit naive, but that matters very little. A time with far less words, but wit ha great deal of true communication... (not that it stopped the players making a lot of... expected funny remarks. Grow up people! )

    Spoiler: Arulashee's departure
    As I mentioned in previous posts, I thought that with the growing complexity of mechanics, it was time to have Arulashee depart .She will still influence the story and game, but less as a party member. This was discussed between sessions with the party, as I wanted them to influence her fate and role. W had a few ideas, but this seemed like the best one.

    However, I felt Sena's player missed her coming along. I did say that she will appear later (probably several times), but it seemed like he was a bit bummed by this none the less...

    Time to go- Boons and partying words
    It took several days for the artificers to improve the party's equipment (I ruled that they are SUPREME artificers, or else by RAW the time spent to improve all of those things would have taken too much time. We settled for bout a week, which was far more than I planned for anyways... Oh well..). When they were ready to leave, they spoke with Lilith, who then led them to meet Nocticula, before they would leave.

    They found themselves on great balcony, overlooking what looked like an enormous, life like map of the Midnight Isles.
    Nocticula spoke "I am pleased that you have found the hospitality of my palace to your liking. It is time for you to continue on your path. Have you given thoughts to your boons?"
    Julian: "Several says ago You asked what would be my pleasure. When we came here, I saw multitudes of pits, with both people or their souls trapped there, prisoners to suffer. My first instinct would be to release all of the slaves you have in captivity, yet I realize that would be impossible. Now I ask of you- Release as much as you can from them and let them make way to Drezen. For me this will be the grandest boon. Send those who care, who do not give up, those who will inspire… If you do this, I will forever be in your debt." Nocticula raises an eyebrow, yet respond. "A demon lord of my stature, will not do well to release their prisoners. There is a matter of appearances and expectations in the demons world.... Yet, if you happened to make your way int one of the pits, having stolen the charm to unlock it's magical chains, and happened to also have a scroll of a portal to send them away, and then vanished from my palace? Well, I will be VERY angry, but you will be away, won't you?" Julian nodded, understanding the politics and compromise requested. Nocticula continued. "Yet, you will probably be able to free only one pit. Choose." Julian disliked the choice, but agreed. She was offered a few choices, but after a bit of inspiration, chose to free prisoners sold to Nocticula a long time ago. Prisoners with a life long span, coming from a religious order. That of The Hammers of Heaven (Staunton Vhane's unit, which was comprised from dwarven paladins and clerics).
    We decided to not play through the rescue, and just spoke of how she and the others came there, tricked most of the guards, quickly disposed of the few remaining ones, freed the shocked slaves, and that Julian used the scroll given to her by Nocticula to open a portal to Drezen, sending yet more forces to help them!

    Mad Dog wished her to grant him strenght (+1). Some people have simple tastes.

    Andera had an interesting request "As the struggle goes deeper into darkness, I have though of the debate... I wish I could see in the darkness, so I can improvise better, and find my way better…" i liked the request. Nocticula put her handover his eyes, and when she removed it, the eyes were dark. Andera got Darkvision to 90 ft, and a +2 to perception.

    Sena spoke after some contemplation. "As you know, and I think you realize it also, we are in the beginning of a new age. An age that may spell a sure peace, one that is vulnerable to unworthy men. I travel In a path that I do not completely understand. I seeks to understand the way of the paradox."
    This surprised me a bit, but I tried to improvise, not very well. "The paradox in itself is a tool, a means, a way. it seeks to manifest itself, yet it has no goals concerning good or bad. That is for the user of the Paradox to decide." The player was frustrated by this. He he hoped for something more philosophical, more eye opening.

    Spoiler: Of boons and requests
    The module have Nocticula offer a boon at the end of the negotiations with her, material magic item of up to 15K or so I think. This is quite... unimaginative I think, when you just spoke to a demon lord. So I gave them something more free form, basically in the limits of a wish or so. I must sy I REALLY liked Julian's request, and tried to work with her to make it happen. Also Andera's request was very fitting for the scene. I didn't do well with Sen's player, yet this happens.

    With the boons concluded, Sena got the group together, and offered his new suits. The party was surprised, and most accepted, except for Andera. "I don't wear another man's uniform." It seemed the player was resistant against Sena's player attempts at easing up the tensions and compromise Sena wished to show that they are all one, with the same goal, yet Andera suspected it was meant to symbolize they were part of HIS vision. Still, the others accepted.

    Nocticula lifted them by flight from the balcony, and they rose above the map. They flew toward the distant Isle of Colphyr, Which looked heavily grown with jungles, with one big river coming from the mountain at the center, making it's way through the jungles. Nocticula grabbed a shadow by the island, and... pulled it away, revealing a long shadowy path, similar to the one they used to travel into the palace. "Follow the road, and reach Colphyr. Farewell, emissaries of Golarion."

    Knowing very well that this may be the last leg of their journey through the Midnight Isles, and remembering well Vorlesh last words, they ventured into the shadow path...
    Starting to write the second half now. Hopefully will finish quickly.
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    Three from a GM's POV, One from a player's POV. Very detailed, including design and GMing discussions.
    3. Various roleplay and real life musings and anecdotes:
    For those interested, from serious to funny!

    Thanks for reading!