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we started today. We got through our first encounter and I play it like a fighter/support so my playgroup found it very interesting ^_^ will update more. BTW bloodbond really rocks ^_^
Hey, great to hear! Let me know how it feels as far as how safe you feel when using the blood bond as well, especially at lower levels where you have fewer ways to regain the hit points you are sacrificing. Oh, and which subclass were you going to be playing as?

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Hey there, considering the theme, I'm working on converting almost all the Trick weapons from Bloodborne into a 5e playable form. If you'd like, you can use some of that work when I'm done with it...seems like it would mesh quite well!
Hmmmm... perhaps a sort of collaboration, or a few Bloodsworn-specific weapons (sort of like how the Holy Avenger is specific to the paladin)? Could be interesting! Thank you for letting me know, and I'd be glad to hear about your work in the future!