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Thread: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Reserve Feats

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    As always, it's for me.

    This got me told I was wrong, and I keep it here, as a mark of shame

    Feat: Morphic Generalist:
    Benefit: You may sacrifice 2 spell slots of the same level to cast any non-Universal spell of one or more levels lower or one spell you have prepared one level higher
    Requirements: Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells, Spellcraft 10 and Knowledge(Arcana) 10

    For when you REALLY want to use that first 9th level slot more than once a day. Or just to use Anyspell without actually getting it

    This is for the Reserve:

    Feat: Morphing Reserve[Reserve]:
    Benefit: If you have a Transmutation spell or Psychometabolism power available to cast or manifest you may increase or decrease an attribute by a number equal to 1/2 the highest spell/power level of a Transmutation/Psychometabolism spell/power available as a standard action, with a Fort save with a DC equal to twice the spell/power's level for physical attributes and a Will save with a DC of twice the spell/power's level for mental attributes. This attribute change lasts a number of rounds equal to the spell/power's level.
    Requirements: Able to cast/manifest a 3rd level or higher spell/power of the Transmutation or Psychometabolism school(So that your character who's only spell or power is 9th level can use it)
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