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    Oath of Loyalty (for Loyal Paladin)

    The Oath of Loyalty commits a paladin to his liege. He pledges his life, his honor, and his sacred name to the service of a lord whom he finds worthy of such dedication, and he derives his power, his honor, his pride and meaning from that service. In some lands, they are called knights or samurai; they embody the notion of honor above all else, knowing that service to another is the highest calling.

    Tenets of Loyalty
    • Service: Do as your liege commands, and be his arm in his reciprocal duty to those who serve him.
    • Reliability: Let your deeds be even-handed, and your word your bond. Your loyalty must never be questionable.
    • Dignity: You are the hand and mouth of your liege; present yourself in a manner which reflects well upon him.
    • Courtesy: Rudeness is weakness. Display none, lest you betray your lord in your petty pride.
    • Strength: Learn all you can. Perfect yourself. You must always be up to any challenge placed before you in your service.

    Oath Spells
    You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed

    3rd: alarm, sanctuary
    5th: illusory script, locate object
    9th: counterspell, sending
    13th: freedom of movement, fabricate
    17th: dominate person, hold monster

    Channel Divinity
    When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

    • Dedication to Duty: As a reaction, you can use your Channel Divinity to armor your soul against weaknesses which would hinder your service to your liege lord. For one minute, you are immune to fear and charm effects. You may use this even if such effects would otherwise prevent you from doing so. These effects are suppressed for the duration.
    • Death Before Dishonor: After rolling an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check and learning the result, you may use your Channel Divinity to roll any hit dice you have not yet expended on this feature or healing during short rests, and add their result to the roll. Dice used in this way are not available for healing during a short rest, and are not recovered until you take a long rest.

    Aura of Excellence
    Your supreme dedication shines forth in inspiring prowess. Choose one martial maneuver. You and friendly creatures within 10 feet each gain a Superiority Die (as the fighter archetype's class feature) and the ability to spend it on the chosen maneuver (as well as all other uses to which such dice can be put). Anybody who uses this aura-granted superiority die may not benefit from the superiority die granted by your aura until they complete a short or long rest.

    Honor's Guidance
    Beginning at 15th level, when using a tool, weapon, or skill with which you are proficient and performing an action in direct service to a specific command given by your sword lord, you have advantage on the check. If you already have advantage from another source, you double your proficiency bonus as well. You may have a number of specific commands given you at any one time equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1).

    Duty Heavy As A Mountain; Death Light As A Feather
    At 20th level, neither pain, nor exhaustion, nor even death is an excuse to shirk your duty. As a bonus action you may take even when dead, you may cast true resurrection on yourself without need for material components. When you use this ability, you also benefit as if from a long rest. After using this ability, you may not use it again until you have taken a long rest.
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