I decided to Give Teal Voice a Profile, since he's gonna be talking to characters not controlled by me soon.

However, since he's meant more as a minor character, exposition font, occasional plot device, and has a built in expiration date, I'm not gonna give him the full profile.

The God with No Name

Age: Millions of standard galactic years.
Gender: Male
Race: Morikotian/God
Position: Bored, jaded, and tired divinity who wants to die.

The God with No Name is literally a deity without a name-whatever his true name is, he's the only one living who knows, as he's reclaimed it from the universe. Born a Mortal Morikotian-a race of highly anthropomorphic fruit bat people from the planet Moriko, he has the characteristic wings, pointed ears, and short fur on his trunk and limbs of his people, as well as needle like teeth for which to pierce the tough rinds of the fruit on which his species traditionally subsisted, but otherwise resembles a human with teal hair and fair skin.

Millions of years ago, this nameless divinity wandered the universe as a mortal, training in martial arts and mysticism and eventually earning immortality. Later still he became a god, and after a bit of Hell Raising in Other World, he was given a ceremonial position in the Celestial Bureaucracy, mostly so he'd stop breaking things whenever a god did something he disagreed with.

Millions of Years later, hes come to be bored with immortality and wishes to die-Heaven or Hell, it'll be better than boredom. However, despite having matured much in those millions of years, he's still deep down a proud and arrogant being, and since his title is ceremonial, if he doen'st find a successor, his title will die with him, and he doen'st want that.

So he's found a few mortals with the potential for godhead, who remind him of himself in his youth, who might make fine successors with some maturation and a guiding hand... He's yet to directly interfere with any of them, but that's due to change as he prepares to take an active but indirect hand in making sure one of them-any of them, can take his place.

Spoiler: Abilities
The God with no name, of Teal Hair as he's sometimes called, is a god with millions of Years of experience in mystical disciplines.
He's also near completely immortal-unaging and near impervious to harm. However, the spell that renders immortal is inbuilt into an immunity to certain magics, and if he ever shares his true name with anyone, that immunity and thus his spell of immortality will be broken and his deferred time will slowly catch up to him.

He posses a unique form of scrying that allows him to see futures that will not be and pasts that never were, and thus can predict what might happen in the future, but it's far from perfect. He also posses the vision omniscient-the power of some deities to perfectly scry on locations in the mortal universe.