This is flat-out one of the most broken things I have ever seen in D&D. This class does EVERYTHING minus spellcasting. It's the ultimate martial character. Max BAB (though that isn't bad), max all saves, max HD, more skill points than any other PC class, max proficiencies... It's far too much. If you were going for a joke class, you've done a fantastic job. If you were trying to make something fair and balanced, you have not succeeded at ALL.

The bonuses and movement speed are absurd. With these kinds of numbers, the class will almost never fail a roll and will be almost impossible to even damage at higher levels. (Can you even imagine having DR 90/-??) Overall, the numbers are outrageous and they scale far FAR too well.

Thematically, the problem with this class is that it doesn't really specialize. It doesn't have a clear theme, focus, or area where it can say "This is my specialty. I am really good at THIS thing." It's just good at everything, better in fact than every other class in pretty much every area.

I strongly recommend two things. First, dramatically lower the bonuses, speed boost, and skill points. They aren't reasonable. (A bonus of 10 at 20th level MIGHT be reasonable.) Second, give the class options to specialize in different areas. For example, at a given level, you might be able to gain the bonus on either damage reduction or energy resistance, or maybe the player can choose which new thing to add from a big list of options every few levels.

If this is meant to be an overpowered "I can do everything" joke class, disregard everything stated above, consider changing its name to "The Overpowered," and add in a full spellcasting progression with access to all sorcerer/wizard spells or cleric spells.