Bolt Breath [Reserve] (Draconium)

Prerequisites: Ability to cast 2nd level or higher Evocation spells.

Benefits: As long as you have a 2nd level or higher Evocation spell that deals damage of an elemental type (Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire or Sonic), you may spit forth a bolt of energy of the type applicable to the highest level damaging Evocation spell you have available to cast dealing 1d6 per level of the spell used to power this feat. Using this feat is a Standard Action and requires a Ranged Touch attack, with a range of 5'+5'/level of the spell powering this feat. If you make the choice of damage type to use when casting the spell, you may use any damage type available to the spell, otherwise use the same damage type as the spell normally uses (Energy Substitution and similar feats can change the damage type for this feat's purposes, but feats such as Energy Admixture do not change the base damage type and so have no effect on this feat's damage).

In addition, you deal +1 damage per die when you cast an Evocation spell that normally deals damage.