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    Spoiler: Base Class Challenge Entrants
    Redshirt: A doomed warrior for Base Class Challenge IX.

    Indiana Jones, yo. (Extras)

    Herald of Ragnarok: Viking Berzerker Prophet of Doom

    Italian Plumber: It's-a me, Mario!

    The Man: BE A MAN! (Disney's Mulan inspired Monk fix).

    Dungeoncrasher: AKA Thog, the base class

    Big Game Hunter: Ranger, meet Sniper.

    Dude Who Does Tai Chi: Seriously? Another monk fix?

    Karmic Avenger: Base Class Challenge XXVIII winner.

    Spoiler: Other Base Classes
    The Generalist: Now you can squeeze in that last feat.

    Pauper Saint: Vow of Poverty: the base class. Feats

    Novamancer: The five minute adventuring day, as a base class.

    Nerd: I attack the darkness!

    Drunk Monk: Psionic? Check. Initiator? Check. Alcoholic? Double Check.
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