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Thread: Where does the term "Gish" come from?

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    Default Re: Where does the term "Gish" come from?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaq View Post
    It's not that hard a question to answer. My copy of the 1e Fiend Folio describes githyanki warrior-mages as gishes, and while I may be wrong about this, I think the Fiend Folio was the first book with githyanki in it. The copyright page says 1981.

    I wouldn't be flabbergasted if someone finds an earlier reference, but that's probably damn close to the original.
    this, but I thought it came from some module.
    Quote Originally Posted by johnbragg View Post
    But the question is not really about githyanki warrior-mages, it's about human and demihuman fighter-mages and the like. I doubt that anyone had or needed a word for fighter-mages in 1e or 2e. They were multi-classed fighter-mages, they were mechanically uniform. The term "gish" is useful because in 3X there are an endless variety of ways to be a guy with a sword who casts arcane spells.
    Good point, but I recall the term being used of fighter-mages in the days of 2E.

    What we don't have are terms for other combos - specifically Rogue-Mages, which are quite common.

    We do have the term Theurge I suppose, though I'm not sure where this comes from ?
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