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Thread: Suikoden 2d10 system [Work in progress]

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    Weapon arasgafg

    Every character starts with a level 0 weapon and sharpen in up to level 16. Every time your weapon "levels up" you can insert one Rune Shard into your weapon. Extended Range is a special rune shard that can and has to be sloted when the weapon is forged. A weapon's range never changes after the weapon is forged.

    Rune shards can be removed, but the shard is destroyed in the process. Extend Range shards cannot be removed.

    Level 0 Weapon
    Attack: +0
    Damage: 1d6
    Crit: 20
    Rune Shard(s): None

    Rune Shards
    Ailment Resistance: Rolls twice when trying to recover form Ailment.
    Alert: Become Hyper 4+ turn.
    Balance: Prevents Unbalance.
    Ballon: Inflicts Balloon.
    Barner: Magic Resistance +1
    Boost: Start with Boost status for 3 turns. After that, current HP = 1.
    Boundry: Magical damage reduced by 50%. Weapon damage received increased by 100%
    Bucket: Inflicts Bucket.
    Champions: Weak Enemies won't be encountered.
    Chanter: Reduces chanting time by 4. (Max 4)
    Charm: Repeal +1
    Continual Attack : Weapon attack action has 25% to add another swing. (Stacks 4)
    Counter: Counterattack +1
    Crazed: Always Boost, - Accuracy, Can only Attack.
    Defense: Armor Protect +1
    Double-Beast: Two attack Actions a turn. Damage received from counterattacks increased by 100%.
    Down: Inflicts Knockdown
    Drain: Heals own HP by 10% damage inflicted by regular attacks.
    Earth: Change weapon attack to earth element.
    Equilibrium: Prevents Unbalance.
    Exertion: +25% increased stacking weapon damage dealt a round (caps at 5th round)
    Extended Critical: Extend the critical range 1 (Stacks Three)
    Extended Range: Short<Medium<Long. Must be taken at character creation.
    Fire: Weapon Attack becomes fire type.
    Fire Lizard: Weapon Attack becomes fire type. Damage increases by 50%. 50% damage dealt becomes damaged received.
    Fire Sealing: Immune to fire damage. Water damage received doubled.
    Fortune: Heavy Damage +1
    Fortune: EXP x2.
    Fury: Always Berserk.
    Great Firefly: Encounter Rate x2.
    Gale: SPD x2.
    Hazy: Dodge + 1
    Healing: Party recovers 5+1/2 level HP after every encounter.
    Hunter: Only Hit 18+. Enemy drops treasure on hit.
    Killer: Sharpshoot + 1
    Knight: Take damage from weapon attacks instead of ally.
    Lightning: Weapon Attack becomes lightening type.
    Magic Absorb: Successful weapon attack restores magic by 1 from lowest to highest lv.
    Medicine: Wielder uses medicine automatically on injured allies with HP lower than 50%.
    Minotaur: Normal Damage / row of enemies. Inflicts Unbalance on self.
    MP bonus: Gains one extra MP. Can be taken multiple times, each time granting a bonus MP of higher level.
    Ogre: Damage decreased by 50% / front column of enemies. Inflicts Unbalance on self.
    Parent Turtle: Prevents all negative status (50%) for all allies.
    Phero: Repeal + 1 / opposite gender.
    Poison: Inflicts Poison
    Power: Boosts your damage die by one step (1d4<1d6<1d8<1d10<1d12). (Stacks 4)
    Prosperity: Potch x2.
    Raven: Evade all Lasts until hit by magic or undodgeable attacks once.
    Silence: Inflicts Silence
    Skill: Accuracy +1
    Skunk: Enemy will choose another target for physical attack, if exists.
    Sleep: Inflicts Sleep
    Spark: Set users initiative to highest ally initiative
    Speed: Speed +1
    Steel: Physical damage received decreases by 50%. Magical damage recieved increases by 100%.
    Strike-Back: Always return counter attack from weapon attacks.
    Sunbeam: Regen +5 a turn
    [Rune] Boost: [Rune] +1
    Turtle: Prevents all negative status.
    Venom: Inflicts Venom
    Violence: Become Berserk after DMG=1/2 of HP
    Walking: Wielder starts battle Asleep. Becomes Berserk if he wakes up.
    Wall: Weapon damage received decreases by 50%. User can't take actions.
    Warrior: Weapon damage dealt increases by 100%. Weapon damage received increases by 100%.
    Water: Weapon Attack becomes water type.
    Water Sealing: Water damage received reduced by 100%. Fire damage received increases by 50%.
    Wind: Weapon Attack becomes wind type.
    Wizard: Magic damage dealt increase by 100%. Magical damage received increases by 100%.

    Notes to Philemonite
    I added most of the passive runes to the list. Feel free to strike some off the list or bump them up to a rune slot.
    You want the status shards to be a % proc? 25%?
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