Three. Years. I've really left this lying around for three whole years. I'd blame the Army, but then again I let this die a full year before I joined. So to anyone who was here from the beginning, I'd like to thank Glyphstone for letting me dig this back out, apologize for leaving you hanging like that, and for the new guys, welcome to the party, even though I already said that seven pages ago.

Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall, Part 1
My apologies for that. Words of wisdom: never get old, your bladder just keeps shrinking and shrinking. Now, where was I?

Ah, yes, Renvall. With her brother reported captured and awaiting execution, Princess Erika and her party rushed to the fortress of Renvall to save the missing prince of Renais.

Castle Renvall is a natural fortress, easy to defend and difficult to assault. We must plan our attack carefully.

I agree...

Let me help you set them free!

the group quickly became a hive of activity as weapons were checked and maintained, tactics and techniques discussed, prayers uttered, and Moulder weaved his way through the fighters, applying a spell learned from Lute to them that would allow for communication at distance. Upon receiving her incantation and instructions on how to use the spell, Princess Erika raised her left hand to her ear and called "Communications check?" and a moment later heard Seth's voice from his scouting position on a nearby hill, as clear as if he were standing next to her.

Check is good, your Highness, I have you loud and clear.

Any suggestions, Seth?

The bad news is that the enemy have an artillery position on the far ridgeline.

We'll be clear across the bridge, but once we start pushing North we'll start to come under ballista fire.

The good news is that they kindly left another ballista near us, with only light guard. If we can get someone to it, we can have support on our push to the gate.

Neimi, can you operate a ballista?

Um... I've never tried...

I can walk you through it, let us know when the ballista has been secured.


Good. Franz, go with Nemi and then regroup with us once you've taken it. Everyone else, follow me!