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    Default Re: Mythos Homebrew Discussion III: Grievous Imbalance Is A Feature

    Before I begin working on the mythos that allows trading with aspects of a beings personal power (a bit like a Kathodos's Steam-and-Dust Showdown), does anyone have any advice on balancing it?

    I'm thinking unless anyone puts forward a better idea of having the Chrimatia only able to use/benefit from the traded-for thing (e.g. BAB, Mythos, Feat, ect.) once and then it is 'spent', but if given/sold to another being they are permanent for them as normal.

    The reason I'm asking this is that without some strict balancing of this idea I feel that a Chrimatia could basically wander around a town mugging people for BAB, Skills, Feats, Ability Score points, or Reach, until you pretty much have PunPun, who then of course will probably repeat the process with gods.
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