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Thread: Fanfiction themes that creep you out.

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    Honestly, I get most creeped out by failures with things like syntax or grammar or spelling. As well as stuff like pacing issues or breaks in the verisimilitude of the piece. If someone wants to play out some sick sexual fantasy using pre-existing characters as actors, that's fine by me, just do it right for ****'s sake.

    I also thought those really dark things where the ponies kill each other (Cupcakes, off the top of my head) were a bit much, in a juvenile kind of way. Then again, I used to draw bunnies killing themselves, so I get why people do it.

    People airing their sick sexual fantasies out doesn't bother me much (as I can always walk away), but that's because I'm personally into some strange stuff and feel I lost the high ground on that one sometime between tenth grade and now.
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