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Actually, that's exactly what happens. Tastes change, bud. It's the reason I no longer listen to Guns N' Roses anymore. I stopped being 14 years old.
But by the same token, people's tastes and whether or not they change and what they change to, are phenominally variable.

Mine haven't changed in thirty-six years in some regards (I was never interested in booze, sports (or actually, any kind of competative anything, come to that) or relationships and my starship obession has only grown) and only specialised in some areas; I have gone off games outside of (a very specific type of) table-top wargames, table-top roleplaying and computer gaming (single player only, and fairly narrow width of RPGs/RTS/4X and city-builders - basically something that either tells a story or lets me create something).

My musical tastes have essentially not altered since I was a child and the 1980s put me off it pretty much altogether and still compose 98% soundtracks from cartoons/anime and video games (and basically only the combat music at that).

(I read a lot of fanfic in part because I cannot afford either the space or the cost of fuelling my regular reading any other way. If you have a fairly large fandom, you can generally find the gems among the chaff - especially if there is some level of prescreening like and Fimfiction where the signal-to-noise ratio is considerable higher than on, say fanfiction.net.)

I remain as I was - an megalomanical starship-obessed outsider1 that divorced humanity at age five and never looked back... (Though as an example of a sane person (or, arguably, a person at all...) I may not be the best example.)

1That's the concept, not the D&D creature type.