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    If you mix water & sawdust, then freeze it, it becomes bulletproof. It's called Pykrete.

    It's cuz the sawdust gets rid of the bubbles within the water and makes it perfectly solid. It's still only 1/35 as strong as steel, but can withstand up to 4500 psi. You could still withstand a blow from a sword (3000 psi, according to my research) if you make a shield or temporary breastplate with it using control water. Or you could shape it into a sword and have a temporary sword as well! Good enough for stabbing someone in the chest in their sleep

    Technically, as long as they're not wearing full plate, you could still damage them (and even then, the way D&D explains it, you could damage someone with any weapon regardless of what kind of weapon you use. You're just exposing weaknesses in their armor depending on what you rolled) and you could even parry their attacks with the sword, since the Pykrete sword can withstand more pressure than what a normal guys swing can produce in PSI.

    Quote Originally Posted by HoodedHero007 View Post
    Freeze the blood in the heart, n damage will be caused directly by the cantrip, so you can kill somebody! YAY!
    Or Drop an icicle on their heads, that can kill, and the damage is caused by gravity, not the cantrip
    I think that controlling the water in someones body is considered too OP, as shown in Avatar the Last Airbender, where the bloodbenders were a variant of waterbenders and it was considered a forbidden art. It probably also took a great deal of skill and study to use it. Point being, it was there to explain why all the waterbenders didn't just make the firebenders blood all shoot out of their eyes and instantly bleed to death in the most emo fashion imaginable.
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