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    Quote Originally Posted by HoodedHero007 View Post
    OP does not = Impossible
    Yeah, but there's already a cantrip called Frostbite which emulates trying to freeze someone.

    There's also a blood mage homebrew that's one of the most popular items on the DM guild (wasn't it one of the featured UA?) and it probably does a better job of assigning a cost for manipulating someone's blood than simply taking a cantrip and allowing you to insta-kill someone, with no save, by freezing their heart or whatever.

    But I agree, in real life, being able to freeze water at will should allow you to kill anyone easily, or freeze their eyeballs and render them blind. Or any other number of vital organs. If you think about it, Sub-Zero should automatically win every match of Mortal Kombat.

    I think I'd allow the rule of cool to let you pull that trick on something like maybe assassinating an unsuspecting target in their sleep... but I probably wouldn't put you in a position where you'd have access to the king of the big bad in their sleep and trivialize the entire campaign.
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