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I'm seeing a lot of people wanting to directly freeze other people with the cantrip. It's kind of depressing - you know this won't work in even the most unreasonable game, right? I'm looking for good ideas and not just gamebreaking ones.
It's not a lot of people... just one.

Also, the OP is pretty extensive as it is, honestly.

- ice ladder (repeated castings), ice handholds
- temporary shelf on wall (ambush location!)
- ice rafts, igloos, underwater shelter (provide your own air)
- temporary molds
- anchor things in ice (climbing ropes, tethers, although I hope its not too warm...)
- random snowball fights
- easy restraint (I suppose on unconscious targets)

- purify water (debateable)
- putting out fires economically
- bathroom hijinks
- torture(!)